More room for expansion: impuls Finanzmanagement AG selects EASY ENTERP

impuls Finanzmanagement AG will be able to relinquish 235 yards of metal filing cabinets after electronic document capturing via EASY CAPTURE. This fast expanding insurance and financial service provider archives and manages its customer and contract data in digitized form, using EASY ENTERPRISE.x. The e-mail archiving solution EASY xBASE ensures additional optimization of their business processes. So impuls not only saves physical archival space and bare cash at the same time, it benefits from a significant gain in productivity.

Headquartered in Gersthofen, Germany, impuls Finanzmanagement is the largest private health insurance broker. Established 23 years ago, the company specializes in selling private health insurance including the complete private health insurance and supplementary private health insurance sectors. For this venture, proposals from up to 40 different insurance companies are compared in more than 16,000 rate versions. The customer’s situation is analyzed and an attempt is made to find out pricing and service advantages. Once a customer selects one of these solutions, impuls will handle everything from contracts to taking on services covering the entire contract period.
impuls Finanzmanagement AG is a market leader in brokering private health insurances. In 2005 alone, more than 20,000 people selected private health insurance after consulting and brokering services provided by impuls AG. In the sector of supplementary private health insurance, impuls Finanzmanagement is the only broker in Germany that cooperates with the government health insurance firm: BIG – Die Direktkrankenkasse.
The second part of impuls AG’s business is selling traditional insurance products for retirement – funds-bound retirement and life insurances as well as capitalized annuity and capital sum-life policies. In addition to the retirement policies, they offer personal insurances such as occupational disability insurance, provisions for severe maladies, credit life insurance, and accident insurance. Employee pension programs are also an expanding market for their company. Here impuls provides consulting for midsize businesses as well as individuals.

235 yards of filing cabinets

impuls Finanzmanagement AG has a German national sales and distribution channel made up of 31 branch offices and approximately 500 sales partners brokering exclusively for impuls and specializing in all the insurance sectors mentioned above. In February 2007, impuls Finanzmanagement AG was awarded „Top German Employers“; an award focusing on employees and rating the quality of their workplace.

impuls AG’s corporate achievements include the title of „Bavaria’s Top 50“ by the Bavarian Department of Trade and Industry in  2005 and 2006. This prize is awarded in honor of businesses with an exceptional expansion rate and an above-average increase in both sales and the number of employees.
And impuls keeps expanding. New construction has already begun in the industrial estate of Gersthofen to provide more office space required for administration and office work. The insurance holder files were stored in sheet metal cabinets; initially, in various offices, and then in the underground garage. Subsequently, the office space of a renowned discount food chain that impuls had purchased on the spot was vacated, and used as the central archive.
This kept eight employees busy every day just sorting, copying and managing papers, files and documents. The former sales room was soon filled with 235 yards of filing cabinets -  nine rows of 17 cabinets each holding the complete files of 600 insurance holders – with 2-3 cabinets added every month.
Markus Humberg, CEO at impuls systems GmbH, still remembers the past situation with visible unease: „Since we naturally assumed that our expansion would continue, we could be sure to completely fill the former supermarket branch room with our filing cabinets during 2007, although we had optimized our own organization as much as possible up to that time. There simply wasn’t any more space available and we had to do something about it.“

Cross-platform capability is the decisive factor

To dispose of its rooms of overflowing filing cabinets and folders, a complete electronic solution was exactly what they were looking for. So Mr. Humberg took the next opportunity to obtain an extensive market overview by visiting DMS Expo 2005.
He was looking for solutions to scan, archive and manage documents. First, Mr. Humberg collected information about a suitable scanner solution from Fujitsu Siemens. They recommended the document management system from EASY SOFTWARE. „After the first couple of discussions at the EASY booth it became clear to me that the Mülheim-based company was able to provide the solution I was looking for,“ recalls Mr. Humberg. „What struck me positively was that it doesn’t matter under which application the Archive and DMS Server EASY ENTERPRISE.x should run.  This was extremely important to us, because we partially run our own developed software in the Management, Commission, Accounts Settlement and Customer Portal departments.“
So impuls Finanzmanagement eventually selected EASY CAPTURE for capturing its customer and contract data fully electronically, archiving and managing it only digitally using EASY ENTERPRISE.x.  The powerful scanner solution EASY CAPTURE now captures up to 15,000 pages every day since the project went into productive mode, storing them in the archive.  Some one and a half million pages are still waiting to be archived.

Employees can retrieve their mail messages

After impuls Finanzmanagement was very satisfied with the implementation and the solution to their „file problem“, Mr. Humberg initiated another project in which EASY ENTERPRISE was able to contribute toward process optimization.  The insurance and financial services provider receives many of its customer contracts as fax messages, which are forwarded electronically to the respective user via Exchange through impuls‘ own workflow.  Given the tremendous increase in the number of documents to be stored, it came as no surprise the two existing Exchange Servers were on the verge of collapse, and that backing up data took about 16 hours. So this also required some action.
After linking the relevant impuls mailboxes to EASY xBASE, the server-based solution for e-mail archiving under Microsoft Outlook / Microsoft Exchange, the same data backup process only takes about three hours.  This is, among other reasons, because the Exchange Server’s database is only about 100 GB in size compared to its previous size of 500 GB. However, Mr. Humberg has other reasons for being convinced of the EASY solution for e-mail archiving. „EASY xBASE implementation was absolutely quiet and without any trouble – within a few days, in operational mode. But the best thing is that our employees can finally retrieve their e-mail messages.“

For the customer – both software and consulting are really „EASY“

impuls Finanzmanagement has been using EASY ENTERPRISE.x for a year now, and EASY xBASE for about six months.  In addition to the gains in office space, the business enjoys the benefits of further enhanced processes in a technologically progressive document management solution.
„The software is really so „EASY“ that it integrates seamlessly with our existing structures. We’ve become competent after ten days of training and are now able to link EASY ENTERPRISE.x to other applications ourselves.  And the fact that EASY not just sees the customer in us but also a partner is illustrated in that EASY does not retreat when I ask a question. My ‚personal‘ EASY contact persons are simply always available.“
Mr. Humberg has already started the next EASY projects for impuls AG.  Besides setting up decentralized access to EASY archives for its subsidiaries and branch offices, transparent file server archiving using EASY xSTORE should ensure that impuls Finanzmanagement AG can continue to expand unimpeded.

DELTA-Fleisch: EASY ENTERPRISE makes mountains of hard copies obsolete

DELTA-Fleisch Handels GmbH of Hamburg, a leading supplier to the hotel and catering industry, selected EASY ENTERPRISE to electronically archive more than 800,000 of its annual outgoing records.  WMD (Workflow Management & Document Consulting) of Ahrensburg near Hamburg was in charge of implementing this project.  The project was implemented within three man-days. Today, it is successfully running in productive mode.

DELTA selected to provide users with the annual volume of more than 800,000 outgoing records in a centrally managed electronic archive to replace previous manual paper filing, a very time-consuming task eating up a lot of space. A total of six corporate locations are additionally integrated in order processing. Implementation of the archiving solution EASY ENTERPRISE.i has brought about a cost-effective, centrally managed document store, which saves a lot of space and can be directly and quickly accessed enterprise-wide, when required. The data is centrally processed in Hamburg; it is accessed from the external locations via terminal servers or Web access.
In the first step of the project, WMD implemented electronic archiving of some 120,000 outgoing invoices and credit notes as well as some 360,000 delivery notes. At DELTA, these records are created from the ERP system WIN AB. Converted to PDF format, they are stored in the ERP system. Through EASY ENTERPRISE integration, all records are available enterprise-wide for search and retrieval.
The second step dealt with the annual volume of some 360,000 outgoing packing slips. Attached with barcodes, packing slips are now scanned, and then processed via EASY CAPTURE. Packing slip data is read and also archived in the EASY system.

The results speak for themselves

Packing slips are scanned via a centralized scan station with the integrated EASY CAPTURE tool.  Additionally, two multi-function devices that also allow scanning delivery notes and packing slips, indexing them directly via EASY CAPTURE and archiving them automatically, are available in the responsible departments.

Torben Klotz, project manager at DELTA-Fleisch, explained: „The results speak for themselves: no more hard copy filing, no more tedious searches for documents or records – now everything can be retrieved from the central and organized archive system EASY ENTERPRISE, conveniently accessed by our users anytime, anywhere. WMD implemented this project efficiently within three days. We have been using the EASY archive solution to our complete satisfaction ever since.Â

About DELTA-Fleisch

DELTA-Fleisch Handels GmbH of Hamburg is a leading supplier to the hotel and catering industry. Its production and distribution sites are located on the site of Hamburg’s abattoir in the center of Hamburg.  Production runs at the highest level, in compliance with the latest EU guidelines. Its endeavors to provide a perfect service, and its constant innovations  have turned DELTA into an efficient partner. Customers will find the freshest meats from all over the world here. Over the years the meat and fish range has been extended with a variety of culinary products, so DELTA is now able to provide a versatile selection of international specialties.

DKV EURO SERVICE: Giving the green light for EASY ENTERPRISE

DKV EURO SERVICE GmbH + Co. KG is the leading service provider on Europe’s roads.  To enable smooth operation in the transportation industry, the Düsseldorf-based company provides an extensive service package ranging from transit services and transparent toll billing right up to truck services. To manage and archive its myriad records, invoices and other business-related documents in SAP, DKV EURO SERVICE selected the comprehensive and GDPdU* compliant document management solution EASY ENTERPRISE.  The extensive project was completed successfully in February 2007; it is the basis for further rollout in the DMS and workflow sectors.

Efficiency, transparency and reliability – these are the maxims DKV EURO SERVICE GmbH + Co. KG uses to present itself as the leading service provider on Europe’s roads.  Today, more than ever, selecting reliable partners and focusing on one’s own strengths as a business are key factors in the transportation industry. The service package that DKV offers its customers covers all essential sectors of elementary significance to successful transportation businesses.
Transit services, guaranteed mobility and optimum payment terms give over 80,000 DKV customers a competitive edge. Unlimited transit services within Europe, avoiding queues at toll stations as well as transparent toll transactions and billing are a significant factor for DVK customers‘ vehicles implementing smooth logistic processes.
The extensive and cross-brand network of service stations that is available to DKV customers in over 40 European countries and in North Africa is the basis for these extensive services.
More than 28,000 filling stations accept DKV cards. DKV customers literally fare better with all important ferry, tunnel and toll stations as well: All service transactions are smoothly handled via the DKV card. In addition, DKV EURO SERVICE provides support for its customers in the otherwise tedious process of foreign VAT/sales tax refunding. Add to that a Europe-wide truck service that ensures a great degree of mobility.

Extensive services – Europe-wide

In particular, DKV EURO SERVICE provides a service package for its customers that includes obvious benefits for toll transactions in the different European systems in particular: The DKV bill lets customers see at a glance the amount of the toll factor. The „DKV Toll Manager Professional“ software, specifically developed for DKV customers, provides an additional tool for transparent calculation of tolls or evaluations per relation or period insofar as DKV customers require such a tool.
Of course, a business with Europe-wide operations and such an extensive service package needs to process myriads of data, invoices and other documents. That’s why DKV EURO SERVICE eventually selected implementation of a document management system that would not only enable processing the data in SAP in a more modern and structured manner but, above all, that would archive it saving space and in compliance with GDPdU.

Extensive project requirements: a cross-platform solution

Extensive requirements: In addition to revision-proof storage of SAP data and outgoing documents as well as replacing the legacy archive in the filling station records sector, the solution to be deployed needs to integrate with the BIS:PLM Server of SEEBURGER AG for Electronic Data Interchange archiving (EDI). Add to that archiving legacy data from systems hosted by the service provider OEDIV (Oetker Daten- und Informationsverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG) as well as linkage to the EMC Centera storage system.
After reviewing the DMS solutions in question, DKV EURO SERVICE selected EASY ENTERPRISE. The Düsseldorf-based service provider had already been aware of EASY as one of the most successful providers in the market for SAP archiving software. Also, OEDIV had already selected an EASY solution. At the end of the day, however, the modern, cross-platform architecture of the EASY ENTERPRISE.x Archive Server that should enable certified EMC Centera integration, and therefore trouble-free archiving of the huge data volume, was the decisive factor:

about 104,000 outgoing SAP invoices per month (SAP archiving)

about  50,000 incoming/outgoing EDI invoices per month (file server archiving)

ca. 2.1 GB HOST legacy data

about 2 million legacy data items to be migrated (filling station records)

Throughout Europe, some 450 users can access the system. It is accessed both via the browser and via SAP GUI.
*GDPdU = Grundsätze zum Datenzugriff und zur Prüfbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen (Basic Regulations for Accessing Data and Auditing Digital Documents)

The management system for invoices

DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH develops and distributes integrated parking management solutions. The parking systems of the Kiel-based business are used throughout the world. Accordingly, the invoice and document volume is extensive. To control the paper flood, pilot customer DESIGNA selected a solution for automatic processing and archiving of incoming invoices: EASY INVOICE for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The project was implemented in close cooperation between EASY and isn GmbH of Kiel, Germany.

DESIGNA represents integrated solutions in the car park management sector, which meet three decisive factors: innovation, efficiency, and reliability. With its experience of more than three decades and over 6,000 installed fully automatic parking systems, the business sets new standards and gives its customers a crucial competitive edge.
With more than 200 employees, DESIGNA’s presence can be felt in more than 30 countries through distribution and service branches as well as seven subsidiaries. Ever since DESIGNA engineers developed the first automatic parking system some thirty years ago, their PARKMASTER system has been installed on an almost daily basis somewhere around the world. So the parking systems from Kiel are known today from Dubai to Singapore, and from Warsaw to Cape Town.


Minimum installation effort, flexibility, user-friendliness, and networkability are some of the factors that make DESIGNA products set standards. So it’s obvious that when looking for a document management and archiving solution, the company will revert to a software that stands out through just such attributes. And indeed DESIGNA had long since selected EASY ENTERPRISE.i, EASY for NAVISION, and the EASY LOGISTICS CENTER (ELC).
To control the constantly increasing paper flood when processing daily incoming invoices, organize filing and have documents available faster, it was decided to additionally implement a project on electronic invoice processing.
At the time the initial workshop took place at isn, Andreas Rotter, Manager IT & Processes at DESIGNA Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH, had a clear notion of which concrete results the future project solution should produce: „Our goal is to process incoming invoices from entry up to posting in Navision within three days. At the same time, the accounting department should be relieved, the responsible employees in the costing center even at remote locations should be able to access invoices via EASY DOCUMENTS, generally ensuring a better overview of our business management.“
To implement these requirements, EASY and isn suggested that the customer implement the then state-of-the-art preconfigured solution package EASY INVOICE for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. So not only the current version 3.51e of the DMS and workflow solution EASY DOCUMENTS were designated for deployment, but also the EASY INVOICE components

– CAPTURE export service


– document import

– workflow and the

Navision ERP connector

Seamless Navision-EASY ENTERRPISE interaction

DESIGNA eventually agreed to launch the pilot project with EASY INVOICE for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Right from the start, Andreas Rother had no reservations about trusting the EASY solution: „The positive experience we had in the past was a crucial factor in selecting EASY. In particular, it was seamless Navision-EASY ARCHIVE interaction that had a profound influence on our decision.“
EASY INVOICE for Microsoft Dynamics NAV now provides DESIGNA users with a Control Center including all data relevant to processing invoices, which allows either direct execution or control of all processing steps. Following the initial productive mode phase, it will be determinable whether the EASY INVOICE solution can handle „special features“ such as default recognition and processing of invoices with or without order reference, under- or overdeliveries as well as unit billing. That’s why DESIGNA has already ordered other EASY client licenses to enable it to include more employees in the invoice verification workflow.

Könen Tiefkühl-Service keeps it cool with EASY xBASE

Könen Tiefkühl-Service (KTS) was established by Willy and Maria Könen on September 16, 1930. During the early years of the business, the focus was on storing, commissioning and delivering fresh foods. In the early 1960s, the focus shifted to frozen foods. Through its experience, the business developed its competency in storing, assembling, commissioning and delivering its products throughout Germany using its own deep-freeze vehicles.

With its headquarters at the conveniently situated location Willich am Niederrhein, Germany, the business has deep-freeze facilities with a total volume of 60,000m³ and a capacity of about 8,500 pallets. KTS operations predominantly cover the food, wholesale and retail trade sectors. To ensure its extensive services, qualified employees provide these services 24 hours a day.  Its annual commissioning service covering 225,000 pallets underlines the efficiency of Könen Tiefkühl-Service GmbH.
To serve its industrial customers, KTS takes on annual storage, assembly, commissioning and distribution of foods throughout Germany. Distribution vehicles, city trailers and long-distance trains ensure flexible delivery. KTS has a fleet covering a total of 30 deep-freeze vehicles. KTS is an interim storage facility for frozen foods for both industry and commerce.  To keep the deep-freeze chain ensured, all vehicles have electronic temperature records; maintaining constant temperatures of -23°C to ensure secure product storage.

Electronic archiving in 1992

This quality claim applies to the entire business; and it applies as much to its IT facilities as it does to the topic of archiving.  In 1992, the paper volume was so great that the business had to consider ways of dealing with delivery notes, order forms and empties forms. The business selected the then still existing Spanish archive system solution, under DOS provided by EASY SOFTWARE, for traditional archiving of these records. Since, however, that system was unable to meet the company’s requirements; the newly developed EASY ARCHIVE was deployed. Intense cooperation between KTS and EASY SOFTWARE made the archive solution fit to meet everyday requirements. So KTS was a pioneer in terms of deploying the EASY ARCHIVE system that later became so successful – today, it is using its current version 3.51.
A business with international operations, KTS provides extensive services which, along with normal business transactions, include a great volume of e-mails subject to retention.  Since the business wanted to migrate from traditional POP3 mailboxes to Microsoft Exchange 2003, this provided the opportunity to link that project to EASY xBASE. EASY xBASE is a solution for archiving e-mails and their electronic file attachments from Microsoft Outlook / Microsoft Exchange.

A simple and easy-to-use tool

EASY xBASE is a simple and easy-to-use module that enables archiving e-mails from the Exchange Server and storing them in a revision-proof manner.   Additionally, the convenient full text search engine enables retrieval of contents in mere seconds,“ explains Swen Brüssel, IT system administrator at KTS. During the entire project, KTS was also able to benefit from the strong partnership alliance between the IT consulting and service provider go-net consulting & solution GmbH of Dortmund and EASY SOFTWARE.
Marcus Jahnke, project leader at go-net, was extremely satisfied. „In cooperation with EASY, this project had absolutely no problems at Könen.  The fact that we installed the Exchange environment also proved to be an advantage.  This enabled us to install the e-mail archiving solution EASY xBASE on an optimized platform.“ Mr. Brüssel of KTS can only confirm this overall positive impression, he comments: „We found competent partners in EASY SOFTWARE and go-net consulting & solution GmbH. The EASY ENTERPRISE 3.51 project, EASY xBASE and Exchange implementation in 2003 are an example of how well cooperation with both partners works.“
The longtime deployment of the archiving solution illustrates constant satisfaction with the EASY solution at KTS. So it was not difficult to select EASY xBASE for e-mail archiving. For the future, KTS has archive and e-mail archiving extensions at the back of its mind.

Becker & Döring: DOCUMENTS as a complete CRM solution

Deficiencies in buildings need to be resolved quickly.  Headquartered in Sprockhövel, Germany, Becker & Döring GmbH meets all customer requirements using EASY DOCUMENTS. The DMS solution is used to efficiently manage some 3,300 residential units.

Expanding businesses are only too aware of the problems arising from lack of office space. This is exactly what happened at Becker & Döring GmbH, established in 1982. The business of this company is professional management of condominium complexes. The performance range covers handling all business transactions by its own employees as well as modern real estate management.
In its head office near Wuppertal, Germany, every inch of space is occupied; implementing a DMS solution some five years ago was the logical consequence.  Holger Döring, CEO at Becker & Döring, explains: „It’s not just due to the lack of space that we implemented a document management system. In the first place, our objective was improving the organization of our processes, and our customer management. The result of this was that we were certified by the technical inspection agency to DIN EN ISO 9901:200.“

Fast and efficient processes

EASY DOCUMENTS has been in use with the property managers since 2004. Processes have now become fast and efficient. „Folders used to be found on top of someone’s desk. We had to spend a lot of time searching, but now we can find our documents at the touch of a button“, says Holger Döring. Complex processes arise from necessary repairs of entrance doors or dripping taps: „For example, we accept damage notices from property owners or tenants. These are instantly entered in the system. The corresponding order for repair is sent by fax via DOCUMENTS to established mechanics; the connected fax server confirms that the process has been sent – all of which is performed automatically.“

All processes at a glance

All processes are assigned their own DOCUMENTS files, no matter whether they come in via telephone, fax, or ordinary mail.  „We scan all documents, including our incoming mail. True, this is time-intensive; however, the bottom line is that we are significantly more efficient“, explains Holger Döring. Thus employees, according to their access profile, have access to all relevant processes:  „This allows us to capture and control the different properties very efficiently. At long last, multiple employees can edit the same process. And the resubmission function ensures that nothing escapes our notice.“ Processes remain in EASY DOCUMENTS while they are being processed, so they are permanently transparent.  Completed processes are automatically sent to the EASY ENTERPRISE archive after one and a half years.

EASY DOCUMENTS is more flexible than sector solutions

Of course, the numerous sector solutions for the real estate industry were also taken into consideration while looking for a suitable software solution. Mr. Döring commented: „These specific solutions, however, are very static.
EASY DOCUMENTS allows us to meet our requirements individually. We design the workflows, masks and fields the way we need them.“ How important is support? Holger Döring says: „We developed the ideas for our industry, and EASY intuitively and expertly implemented them for us in association with otris software AG. We are probably using the system more frequently than other customers, which is why direct contact to the manufacturer is extremely important. Additionally, decisions can be made quickly, collaboration is very direct, and results are quickly visible.“

Good customer management using EASY DOCUMENTS

Quality management is a must for Holger Döring because only this ensures long-term customer satisfaction.  „Managing properties involves many risks of liability, which is why we need to rely on our system. Expiring warranty periods for overhauling measures can be monitored securely, so a check can be made prior to expiration. The entire process will automatically be delivered from resubmission on the deadline date. „EASY DOCUMENTS allows good customer management.“  Becker & Döring used to deploy multiple systems in parallel.  „Now we can replicate our complete processes via EASY DOCUMENTS. This comes as a great relief for our daily business“, explains Holger Döring.
EASY DOCUMENTS is also prepared to meet the new legislation with its amendments in the property laws due to be effective in 2007.  In the future, decisions made at the owner’s meeting (including the files) must be given a serial number for each managed property, complete without leaving any gaps. After a few adjustments, this will be possible via EASY DOCUMENTS – another proof of the system’s investment security.  Holger Döring says: „The system easily implemented the required facility for completeness.  EASY DOCUMENTS is a very flexible tool.  Even if the legislator comes up with a new amendment, we will be ready for it with EASY DOCUMENTS. And this is a good feeling for us.“

Optimum replication of customer relations

Is the system implemented at Becker & Döring a complete CRM solution for the real estate industry? Holger Döring replies: „Yes, it certainly is. Incoming mail and current processes are perfectly linked to each other. The system allows optimum replication of our customer relations and meeting our requirements individually via EASY DOCUMENTS.  We design the workflows the way we need them.“

VOI survey confirms EASY SOFTWARE AG is the leader in the German DMS market

The current survey conducted by VOI (Verband Organisations- und Informationssysteme e. V.) on the issue of „Document management in Germany 2007“ confirms EASY SOFTWARE AG is the leader in the German DMS market. According to this survey, the Mühlheim-based software manufacturer continues to produce and sell the product with the largest market share and is best known even among prospective customers who do not yet archive and manage their business documents electronically.

Continuing and supplementing its initial representative market survey of 2003, VOI had commissioned another survey for 2007 to determine, among others, the current market potential of document management systems (DMS) in the Federal Republic of Germany and to enable more accurate market communication for providers.  The current survey is based on statements made by 1,096 German companies of different size and from the most varied industries.
As with the initial market survey, this new survey has revealed that EASY SOFTWARE AG is the top provider regarding all survey categories. Although there is actually no dominant DMS provider in the market, EASY ENTERPRISE, mentioned by 12.2%, is clearly deployed more frequently in German companies than any other system (the second-best manufacturer reaches only 6.9% in this category).
Even among respondents not yet using any document management system, and who are potential prospects, EASY is by far and away best known. Answering the question „Which product name do you associate with DMS?“, 15.3% of companies said it was the name of EASY that they most associated with document management. Thus, EASY is named more than twice as often as the second-best manufacturer (7.1%). In this context, the VOI survey concludes: „EASY is unequivocally the best known provider. […] This matches exactly the results of the initial survey.“
Josef Gemeri, Senior Executive at EASY SOFTWARE AG, is very satisfied with the new survey’s results. But he is also aware of increasing requirements: „The statements made by the VOI survey are very good news to EASY SOFTWARE AG and they are an outstanding acknowledgement of our work. At the same time, however, the survey points out that over 65% of respondent enterprises are totally inexperienced in the use of document management systems.
This represents a tremendous opportunity which we plan to exploit in cooperation with our partners in order to conquer further market shares and to make EASY products even better known.  We’ve already laid the foundation stone for this: Our new certification model will help making the excellent qualifications of our partners even more transparent to customers. This advantage will give them a clear competitive edge.“

EASY xBASE 2007 also offers Blackberry® users revision-proof archiving option

The newest version of the e-mail archiving solution EASY xBASE now also enables Blackberry® users to archive their e-mails in a revision-proof manner. Incoming e-mail messages are immediately archived; however the link to the archived e-mail message can now be created with a time delay that is adjustable. This allows Blackberry® users to access currently incoming e-mail messages as usual. Yet the security that revision-proof archiving provides is ensured.
The new EASY xBASE 2007 version reduces the Microsoft Exchange data volume, and supports Exchange Server migration. In addition to a multitude of enhancements, it supports the new Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Exchange Server farms are consolidated. EASY xBASE 2007 full text indexes contents, documents and attachments – with integrated Outlook search. In addition, revision-proof and GDPdU-compliant archiving is ensured at any time.

Germany’s largest motion picture operator implements EASY ENTERPRISE as a company-wide DMS solution

With 3,300 employees and 85 movie theaters, Germany’s largest motion picture operator Greater Union Filmpalast GmbH (CineStart Group) has implemented the DMS solution EASY ENTERPRISE on a company-wide basis.  In the future, all incoming invoices will be automatically processed and archived electronically. WMD (Workflow Management & Document Consulting) of Ahrensburg, Germany was commissioned to implement this project. Integration of the recognition software Docutex Xtract for Documents ensures efficient digital classification and extraction of documents to be read.
The fully automated, integrated DMS solution has been running in productive mode since June 2007. It is used for verification and release of  incoming invoices by some 150 users in various locations of the business group. As part of the project, digital contract management was implemented in the initial rollout phase for the company’s legal department.
Greater Union processes a volume of some 60,000 invoice documents and about 10,000 contracts a year in 56 locations and for 28 different clients. The company uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) as the key finance and accounting system.Â
The variety of distributed locations at Greater Union frequently used to make processing times and retrieval of original documents and records an awkward business, sometimes even causing losses. Long shipping routes, mislaid documents, late release, vague responsibilities, the danger of discount losses  – all this led to the decision to get things sorted out properly in the company and to implement a company-wide DMS solution that was to ensure transparency, clarity, brief routes, and central access.
An integrated solution to meet all requirements
The EASY ENTERPRISE DMS/archive server offered an integrated solution to meet all requirements at Greater Union. Along with EASY for NAVISION, EASY ENTERPRISE was integrated as a revision-proof archive and EASY DOCUMENTS was integrated as a powerful workflow component into the Navision environment. The EASY solution packages EASY INVOICE and EASY CONTRACT are used as the basis for the deployed process solutions for invoice verification and contract management.Â
Two central scanners at the Lübeck-based headquarters now capture all incoming invoice documents and all contract documents, using the new solution. Â
EASY CAPTURE is used interactively to scan incoming invoices. Following this, all data that the invoice documents contain is digitally read via the recognition software Xtract for DOCUMENTS. The WMD system interface FlexPost transfers the digital data to the workflow solution EASY DOCUMENTS.Â
Electronic invoice processing via EASY INVOICE
The preconfigured solution EASY INVOICE is used to continue processing the invoice data. After conversion via EASY workflow the created data record is transferred to Navision, where it is posted. The release process that follows for payment takes place via the EASY workflow, which controls the assignment of invoices to FI/CO employees and auditors (depending on client, GL account, cost center, and release limits) in great detail.  After payment is made, the data is archived in EASY ENTERPRISE in a revision-proof manner, and can be retrieved at any time. The workflow can be subsequently customized to altered corporate workflows, when required.
Electronic contractmanagement with EASY CONTRACTÂ
The entirely Web-based application solution EASY CONTRACT ensures that the legal department at Greater Union can sort all its valid contracts, including attachments and associated information, and manage them completely and centrally in electronic files. A clear tree structure ensures the necessary transparency.
Initially, all incoming contract documents are scanned directly in the electronic contract files from the available workflow solution EASY DOCUMENTS via the browser. A defined workflow ensures that information about validity periods and processing states are available anytime throughout the company; it automatically monitors the lifecycles and deadlines of individual contracts. Â
Another workflow handles the release process of the contract documents created by the system.  Depending on contract types, default access rights are defined that can be customized individually when creating contracts. Given the essential option to transfer a contract directly from DOCUMENTS and store it in the EASY archive in a retrievable manner after its expiration, revision-proof, optimum document storage can additionally be ensured when required.Â
The project at Greater Union was accompanied by user training courses and an extensive experttest.Â
Christine Weigand, Manager of Finance & Accounts at Greater Union, became convinced of the DMS overall solution. She said: „With the implementation of EASY ENTERPRISE, our internal workflows have been significantly accelerated, and have become more transparent. Heavily reduced processing times, company-wide access to documents, clearly structured workflows and access rights have ensured that our employees through their commitment also quickly became familiar with the new applications.
The company is planning follow-up projects to integrate more of its subsidiaries as well as connect the existing ERP system including purchase order processing in the movie software „Tiveno“ to the EASY solution. In this context, the existing intranet solution at Greater Union is also to be replaced with the portal solution EASY LOGISTICS CENTER CONTENT.

EASY in use at the Theo Mueller business group

The right ideas at the right time, a keen sense for market development, and a constant flair for innovation have made the Theo Mueller business group an ultra-modern and extremely successful company throughout Europe. It was therefore a logical step for them to rely on the market-leading DMS solution EASY ENTERPRISE for the acquisition, archiving, and retrieval of incoming invoices. Seven years ago, the Theo Mueller business group implemented EASY ENTERPRISE for the acquisition, archiving, and retrieval of incoming invoices. This was followed by implementation of EASY CAPTURE and EASY DOCUMENTS. Now Theo Mueller archives its e-mails using EASY xBASE.

The beginnings of the Theo Mueller business group go back to 1896, when Ludwig Mueller founded a small village dairy in Aretsried. Even today, more than 100 years later, the headquarters of the Theo Mueller GmbH & Co. KG business groups are in the place where it all started. There, the valuable raw material milk is refined into high quality products.Today, the Theo Mueller business group has a large number of subsidiaries which are strong, independent brands. The Mueller brand, now known throughout Europe, forms the core of the business group. The product portfolio is rounded off with the „premium selection“ of the Weihenstephan brand, the large range of milk and dairy products from Sachsenmilch, and the sour milk cheeses from the Loose cheese dairy.

„Everything Mueller, or what?“

The group currently has five production locations for fresh dairy products, processed fruit, and plastic mugs, as well as sales offices in Spain and Italy. Their own logistics business and a service company for the transport fleet ensure glitch-free distribution. Together with its other subsidiaries in four European countries, the business group has around 5,340 employees. In order to stay organizationally abreast of this development into a multifaceted and international player in the dairy industry in recent years, the business group Theo Mueller GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a holding company in 2003.

More growth – more records

Because of the continuous growth of the company and the associated increase in the amount of documents, the Theo Mueller business group decided on a project to digitally process and archive incoming invoices in December 2004; after all, invoice processing is a time-consuming and thus cost-intensive business process; if this is handled electronically, many options for process optimization and cost reduction become available.Â

More process optimization through EASY solutions

The constant expansion of the Theo Mueller business group made the creation of a separate IT department, with divisions in various business locations, absolutely necessary. A decentralized computer center for local applications and a centralized computer center for SAP now ensure that the industry giant has state-of-the-art technology in the IT sector and can provide maximum support for business processes. Various factors prompted the company to take action regarding the modernization of its e-mail management. One of these reasons included legal aspects. Today, for instance, GDPdU-compliant e-mail management today has become an absolute necessity. Mueller also wanted to counteract the reduction of the load on the Microsoft Exchange database caused by for the great e-mail flood by additionally resolving existing PST files as well as preventing their re-creation. Having been using EASY ENTERPRISE successfully for several years, choosing the new software from the EASY product suite was a logical step. And so EASY xBASE was selected. The requirements for the new system were previously defined clearly: inbound and outbound e-mails should in future be archived, depending on the send and receive date. In addition to archiving PST files, English language documentation should be offered both to administrators and users. EASY xBASE includes all these features.

Brief installation and satisfied users

After a brief planning phase, the experts from PART, integration and implementation partner of EASY SOFTWARE, were able to install EASY xBASE on-site. Particularly from the point of view of the Mueller business group, PART delivered the crucial added value for the EASY xBASE project. Resulting from a cooperation of more than eight years that far exceeds archive applications, each new project allows saving more time. Thus, the tasks performed in a complex corporate structure took less than four days to complete. Each additional location installation was complete within a day, much to the satisfaction of all those involved. This helped reduce the load on the Microsoft Exchange database by 40 percent.
Helmuth Binder, Manager of IT infrastructure at Theo Mueller GmbH & Co. KG, commented on the e-mail archiving  solution EASY xBASE:“The deployment of EASY xBASE provides optimum e-mail storage and retrieval requirements in the business group. In my capacity as IT manager, I particularly appreciate the fact that the constant stress factor of ‚My mailbox has reached its limit‘ is now a thing of the past, the data volume has been dramatically reduced, and backing up our mail servers has become significantly faster.The EASY xBASE system additionally enables us to meet the legally required GDPdU standards.“

Mueller’s future belongs to EASY solutions

Resulting from the positive experience with the successfully deployed EASY solutions, the Theo Mueller business group is already planning the installation of other EASY solutions: „We want to roll out our implementation. The next possible step is the file server archiving solution EASY xSTORE.“