A firm seat on the expert panel: EASY is a sponsor ECM Initiative 2010 run by the German computer magazine COMPUTERWOCHE

The COMPUTERWOCHE ECM Initiative 2010 provides the leading ECM specialist EASY SOFTWARE with an excellent platform to inform about the use, technologies and deployment of ECM solutions.
With its motto being „From hard copies to documents – From documents to processes – From processes to business success“, EASY SOFTWARE will introduce its extensive and tried and tested ECM suite as part of the ComputerWoche forums.
The dates:

– ECM Forum Stuttgart: Tuesday, February 09, 2010
– ECM Forum Neuss: Tuesday, February 23, 1010
– ECM Forum Munich: Wednesday, February 24, 1010

The topics:

– Criteria for cost-effectiveness of ECM solutions
– The most frequent errors in selecting a provider
– Integrating standard applications such as CRM and ERP in an ECM environment
– E-mail archiving and compliance
– ECM as Software as a Service (SaaS)
– Enterprise 2.0. – Is it really just a bit of Wiki here and just a few blogs there?

Participation is free of charge for users. If you want to register, please visit the events website of the Computerwoche.
Certainly You can have a personal contact to our ECM specialists. There You can use this contact form Join us, and use ECM as the engine to drive your business success!
We look forward to seeing you!

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Established as early as 1953, BKK BARMAG STEINMÜLLER of Remscheid (Germany) looks back on a long history. It now services over 75,000 insured people and 15,000 companies. This fact is a particular challenge to the IT department at BKK BARMAG STEINMÜLLER. It was several years ago that the market-leading DMS solution EASY ENTERPRISE (then running as EASY ARCHIVE) was selected – for a good reason: to meet the company’s high-quality requirements using a professional solution.

It was looking for a solution that contributes to increasing efficiency and transparency, and streamlining internal costs. For BKK BARMAG STEINMÜLLER does not want to lose sight of the financial rewards for its customers: at a current contribution rate of 12.9%, it is one of Germany’s most inexpensive health insurance companies, ranking topmost in regard to the lowest administrative costs. Moreover, it is one of the few health insurance companies without debts. It has also fully met its legal reserve funds.

A standardized interface to the iskv_21c software

With EASY SOFTWARE and CFT Consulting GmbH as the EASY DIRECT PARTNER with longtime and extensive project experience, including the health insurance sector, BKK BARMAG STEINMÜLLER has concentrated synergies using the greatest professionalism and, due to the Wuppertal-based CFT branch, gets competent on-site service.
Through its own high innovative power, BKK BARMAG STEINMÜLLER requested conversion to the next or new version of its internally used administration solution software iskv_21c at an early stage.  This also required converting to the innovative solution EASY ENTERPRISE.x from EASY SOFTWARE, for which EASY SOFTWARE in association with ISKV created the standardized interface to the iskv_21c software.  This is deployed as part of other projects at various company health insurance firms throughout Germany.

Protection of investments already made

Besides selecting the continued use of a highly innovative and market-leading solution, BKK BARMAG STEINMÜLLER chose to protect the investments made so far in EASY ENTERPRISE, also taking the interests of its insured customers into consideration,“ says Detlef Deilser (CFT), praising the professional decision taken by Dieter Werner, vice-chairman of the BKK executive board.   „All commitments were, of course, kept and the entire conversion was implemented within a single week. Professionalism is based on experience. The longtime experience of EASY and CFT are the guarantor of this.“
Quick, professional and easy conversion to EASY ENTERPRISE.x through CFT Consulting GmbH (from left to right): Dieter Werner (vice chairman of the executive board – BKK BARMAG STEINMÜLLER), Detlef Deisler (branch manager – CFT CONSULTING), Bernd Sieberg (team leader IT – BKK BARMAG STEINMÜLLER).

At the forefront – SAP Information Lifecycle Management made EASY

SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) pursues an integrated approach based on data archiving functions, enabling customers to manage their data retention throughout its entire life cycle. For the first time, this enables SAP customers to schedule deleting SAP data, and to finally turn off their legacy systems.
The system independently manages the retention periods of all information, including management of classic ArchiveLink® documents. This ensures the amount of data that exists in a company remains concise, and makes keeping the data organized significantly easier.
The certification of EASY SOFTWARE for the ILM interface that was issued on October 26, 2010, illustrates the extensive integration capabilities of the Mülheim-based software manufacturer’s products and solutions. SAP AG has already certified EASY SOFTWARE products in numerous other sectors, particularly in the „SAP ArchiveLink®“ sector.
The market-leading software manufacturer from Mülheim already offers a variety of integrated products as part of its suite, so it is considered one of Germany’s largest providers of extension capabilities for SAP systems. The trendsetting SAP interface will probably be available from early 2011.
With its capability of turning off SAP systems, EASY makes a significant contribution to „Green IT“ supporting the SAP initiative “ Sustainability“.

Playing it safe – The EASY SOFTWARE-GRAU DATA partnership alliance

Picture Easy and GraudataFor legal reasons, a lot of enterprise-related data must be stored according to the requirements stipulated by country-specific laws. For companies, this revision-proof storage previously meant cost-intensive investment in specialized hardware. But this has changed! The result of the strategic partnership alliance between EASY SOFTWARE AG and GRAU DATA AG is the joint product EASY FILELOCK, which provides cost-efficient and innovative options for unchangeable retention of data. This joint product as a fully integrated solution on future servers installed by EASY SOFTWARE is the result of an intensive cooperation between both companies.
In this way the market leader will be the only provider of this trendsetting technology, which now enables a complete revision-proof archiving process in compliance with the respective legislation.
This allows enterprises to base the entire archiving solution on existing solutions or hardware from their preferred supplier.
With its „Simplify Compliance“ objective, this partnership alliance guarantees trendsetting technology that makes complying with statutory requirements very easy for companies, allowing efficient and effective implementation.


GRAU DATA AG is a flexible, powerful midsize business with longtime experience in the HSM and archiving sector. It markets its software products worldwide via distributors, resellers, integrators, and OEMs. The company is headquartered in Schwäbisch Gmünd near Stuttgart (Germany); with sales offices located in Paris (France) and Denver (USA) to service international partners. The core business of GRAU DATA is flexible, scalable and revision-proof archiving of enterprise-critical data. The high-end product ARCHIVEMANAGER has been installed with more than 200 customers throughout the world; it manages archive capacities of several terabytes, even extending into the petabyte bracket. The new product FILELOCK enables hardware-independent long-term archiving of standard hard disk systems. FILELOCK is ideal for replacing outdated jukeboxes. Its capacity starts at 0.5 terabytes to target the large market of midsize businesses by offering a cost-efficient product.

EASY NOTES LUNCH 2010 – top-nopch, informative, and efficient

Set against the elegant backdrop of Residenz Uhlenhorst in Mülheim, EASY SOFTWARE partners and prospects were given detailed previews of the options and the extensive potential of EASY NOTES. The participants were able to see the product in action from different perspectives. Presentations from the manufacturer’s viewpoint, by EASY SOFTWARE partners and by satisfied customers added to a multifaceted and best-of-breed image of the latest ongoing development from EASY SOFTWARE. The participants demonstrated their enthusiasm and interest by asking various questions and through stimulating discussions between presentations.
EASY NOTES is the ideal solution for linking EASY ECM/Archive servers to an IBM® Lotus Notes®/Domino® environment. The archived documents and contents are thus available throughout the company; they can also be used by other systems. „With EASY NOTES, EASY SOFTWARE AG has created a solution that covers all customer requirements. Regardless of whether the compliance idea, easing the load on the server or forming virtual files are the foremost intentions, EASY NOTES provides this and lots of other options to optimize processes and increase efficiency,“ said Dirk Wrany, business unit manager of EASY SOFTWARE AG for the IBM Software Solutions department.
This completely positive response and huge interest displayed by the participants confirms the product’s quality and multiple use; it also anticipates further activities by the business unit SAP and IBM Software Solutions.

Corporate news on complete takeover of EASY Solutions of Salzburg, Austria

Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany) , September 14, 2010 – On September 9, 2010, EASY SOFTWARE AG, noted on the General Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN DE0005634000, Ticker: ESY), took over another 30% of shares in its Austrian subsidiary EASY SOLUTIONS Archivierungs- und Informationssysteme GmbH of Salzburg. The previous shareholdings by EASY SOFTWARE AG amounted to 70%.
EASY SOLUTIONS emerged as an EASY distributor in 1994 to install a partner sales & distribution channel covering Austria. Since the financial year 2005 it has been fully consolidated within the consolidated financial statement of EASY SOFTWARE AG. In tandem with its partners, EASY SOLUTIONS has previously implemented about 60000 customer installations in Austria. In the first half of 2010, EASY SOLUTIONS achieved a net income for the period amounting to EUR 45 thousand, with sales amounting to EUR 445 thousand.
Commenting on the takeover, Gereon Neuhaus, CEO of EASY SOFTWARE AG, says: „Since initial consolidation within the EASY Group, our Austrian subsidiary has continuously achieved positive contributions to earnings at increasing profit margins. Increasing the shareholdings to 100% is another component of our consolidation strategy that will contribute towards improving our return on sales, as well as towards continued positive development of the EASY Group. Moreover, the complete takeover of EASY SOLUTIONS offers us an excellent basis for further expansion of business in Austria and Eastern Europe.“

EASY NOTES – PAVONE Powersphere a full success

Being one of its sponsors, EASY SOFTWARE AG showcased its product EASY NOTES at this annual event. This archive and document management integration for IBM Lotus Notes provides a variety of added values to businesses; it is completely embedded into IBM Lotus Notes software. In addition to the professionally informative presentations, the event’s communication-friendly structure offered various opportunities for cross-industry dialogue and feedback. In this way, PAVONE AG contributes to orienting product development constantly to user needs and making it user-friendly.

Bild Pavone Powershare 2010The discussions that followed the EASY NOTES showcase illustrated the huge general interest in the solution and in utilizing the implementation advantages for process optimization. Additionally, EASY NOTES users emphasized the product’s integrated development approach as well as harmonic integration, which are a specific highlight in the development philosophy of EASY SOFTWARE’s EASY NOTES team.Picture Dirk Wrany, headman of EasyNotes
„The positive response to EASY NOTES throughout at Powersp here has confirmed again that we pursue the right philosophy with this product and, from the viewpoint of a Lotus Notes administrator or developer, continue developing EASY NOTES,“ said Dirk Wrany, business unit manager EASY NOTES at EASY SOFTWARE AG.