Drinking water for schools in Cameroon

Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany), December 7, 2010 – Under the slogan of „Education is the key to success“ the association ident.africa is involved in various educational projects in Cameroon. This also includes improving the general conditions for its schoolchildren, e.g. by supplying clean drinking water. Being a longtime sponsor, EASY SOFTWARE AG is delighted to support the latest project by ident.africa, the construction of drinking water supply wells for seven schools in northern Cameroon. In this way, the software manufacturer helps to give the children long-term protection from diseases.
Obtaining water is not only a tedious process for the schoolchildren in northern Cameroon; it also takes a lot of time through the long journeys involved. This significantly restricts attending lessons at school. To make things worse, more often than not the water is contaminated, which is a cause of frequent cases of cholera. „According to WHO (World Health Organization), about 500 children and adults died of cholera in northern Cameroon between May and October this year. Additionally, several thousand cases of the disease were reported during the same period,“ explains Fred-Eric Essam, founder and CEO of ident.africa.
Picture Drinking water for schools in cameroonThat’s why EASY SOFTWARE AG supports ident.africa in the construction of drinking water supply wells for seven schools in northern Cameroon. These wells will supply not only the schoolchildren and school personnel, but also the inhabitants of the respective village, with clean drinking water. The Mülheim-based software manufacturer has been following and supporting the ident.africa projects since 2006. “It is our special concern to promote the valuable work of ident.africa. To us, improving educational opportunities also means acting in a sustainable manner,“ says Richard Luckow, Director Direct Sales at EASY SOFTWARE AG.


Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany), December 13, 2010 – The midsize IT service provider from Paderborn becomes a partner of EASY SOFTWARE AG. Being a service provider in the document management, scan and archive solutions, IT infrastructure services, and administration of installed software systems sectors, EASY SOFTWARE wins a strong partner focusing on EASY NOTES.

Andreas Forth, CEO at agentbase AG, thinks it is particularly the company’s own regional orientation that makes for its significant strength, pointing out that proximity to the customer is one of the essential hallmarks of agentbase AG.
„Our customers come from the social sector, small trade businesses, commerce, tourist business and service providers“, adds Jürgen Zirke, chairman of the Supervisory Board of agentbase AG.

Picture Agentbase und Easyfocus„For many years numerous of our projects have been successfully based on the solutions from PAVONE AG, which enables our customers to generate very quick results. The EASY solutions and products have enabled us to create the perfect extension to our previous product suite,“ comments Forth, affirming his decision.
Dirk Wrany, Business Unit manager IBM Solutions at EASY SOFTWARE AG, emphasizes this invaluable partnership alliance with this Paderborn-based service provider. „This is a significant step for EASY NOTES and for specifically building more competencies in this market segment.“ Moreover, Mr. Wrany detects a considerable advantage over other solutions which are neither part of such an important partner network channel nor offer a comparable integration in the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino environment.

An informative and solution-oriented event

Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany) December 13, 2010 – The „EASY SOLUTION DAY“ event was dominated by informative presentations, animated discussions and individual dialogues with prospects. More than twenty participants attended the EASY SOLUTION DAY event in Munich to enjoy a combination of constructive discussions and sophisticated presentations.

Prospects and customers of EASY SOFTWARE from Germany, Austria and Switzerland came to visit the EASY SOLUTION DAY 2010 in Munich. Through diversified presentations covering a vast range of software solutions topics the software manufacturer’s specialists showcased their products. The focus was on the products EASY INVOICE and EASY CONTRACT.
EASY INVOICE lets users formulate invoice processing particularly efficiently. Implementing this software for everyday use in the office enables significant reductions and enhancing negotiating positions owing to faster solvency. EASY CONTRACT facilitates simplified and faster management and processing of contracts. In addition to a variety of other features, contract deadlines, terminations and extensions are automatically monitored.
The presentation on the topic of „Document Logistics“ by Rhenus Office Systems GmbH conveyed other interesting contents to the participants. Being a cooperation partner of EASY SOFTWARE AG, this company enabled a preview of how the EASY products work, and the advantages of their implementation.
Following the huge interest in this event, follow-up events are already being considered. Since we attach special importance to being close to our prospects and customers, we are already looking forward to seeing you at EASY SOLUTION DAYS 2011.


Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany) – November 1, 2010 – Along with its partners, EASY SOFTWARE will appear at CeBIT 2011 as a modern, exhilarating and communicative software company. At this globally most successful IT tradeshow, with its innovative verve and vast partner network, the Mülheim-based software manufacturer will guarantee the EASY partner booth is a special experience.
With its modern design and new products, as well as its innovative solutions, EASY SOFTWARE will, in tandem with its partners, breathe new life into Hall 3 at CeBIT 2011. This is designed to create the framework for inspiring dialogue with its partners, customers and prospects.
CeBIT is the best known tradeshow in the world, and a successful brand at that. Being the interface between the present and the future, and between discussions and business, it is a site for business inspiration as well as a platform for generating business growth. For this, the pleasant environment of the tradeshow booth of EASY SOFTWARE offers space for discussions, so meeting our newest products will be an experience for you. Simply experience efficiency, ease of use, and innovation – IT’S THAT EASY!
We look forward to seeing you.