Customer Care Center (CCC) – What Is It All About?

Customer Care Center, many people will ask what that is. Why don’t they call it customer service – as most companies do??


More Than Well-Known Customer

For me, customer care is much more than the well-known customer. Here everything is done in a central place in order to ensure that the customer is looked after properly and comprehensively. The heart of the whole system is a central Service Desk that accepts all requests. All contacts are recorded in a ticketing system and tracked. Depending on the type of request, it is decided which function within EASY SOFTWARE AG can process it as quickly as possible and answer in a qualified manner. If information is missing or more details are needed in the course of processing, the staff reacts immediately to obtain the details right away.


Clear Objective: Sustainable Solutions

Of course, the Service Desk also provides normal support. Known causes are determined via a knowledge base that makes solutions directly available. If it is not that simple, second-level-support colleagues are activated, who deal intensively with the causes and can provide at least a workaround as soon as possible. Downstream problem management provides a permanent solution with a hotfix or by means of subsequent releases.

Therefore, we call this „complete package“ Customer Care Center – precisely because it is does more than classic customer service.