Wild world of clouds: No two clouds are the same

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just say, „A cloud’s a cloud’s a cloud…“? But it ain’t that simple, really. Of course, in terms of IT jargon, there may be just this ONE AND ONLY cloud – but this is an illusion as far as real life is concerned. Taking a look beyond the horizon or, for that matter, on your own footwear, might be all that’s needed to realize this:  Incidentally and somewhat lost in thought, I had a look at my footgear, made by a well-known sportswear manufacturer, whose logo has more than two but less than four stripes. And what do I see? The lettering „SUPERCLOUD“.


Is this like walking on a cloud?

What? Do my shoes hold more potential than I originally thought? Well, not quite. In this case, SUPERCLOUD refers to the footbed which, in the words of the manufacturer, combines „ultimate comfort with stylish design“. Ah – like walking on a cloud, then? It also seems to work for flip-flops. So there!

An irregularity, then? Far from it. Just think of that paraglider flight academy or a small private business airline sharing the name of Cloud. And that’s far from being the end of the realm of clouds. A mattress manufacturer, for instance, promises a „relaxingly soft experience of lying“ – but this „like-floating-on-a-cloud“ will cost you an arm and a leg.


Care for some gymnastic leaps?

It gets even more exotic: a brand for horse saddles comes as a Cloud Special, for example. And it is reputed to „enable you to take gymnastic leaps“ – whatever this may mean…
A different kind of cloud is also available for gamers, that is, a Cloud Gaming Headset. While this may not offer a cloudy audio experience, it promises „changeable ear cups and clean manufacturing“. Well, that’s something, isn’t it? In this sense, enjoy your cloud experience – whether it is in, on or with the cloud – you choose.