EASY Solutions for the HR Market – A Look Back, Part 3

After an extremely positive look at the sales position of EASY HR, and an analysis of our position on the market here in the EASY blog, also positive, today we want to continue by opening up the history books of EASY HR for you.
If we think EASY HR as a river, we can clearly see that the solution has sprung from at least two sources: The PLAN:D personnel file and EASY RECORDS for HR.

Basic Products from EASY

The solutions have a lot in common. Both are based on basic products from EASY (EASY DMS, EASY Archive, EASY Capture Plus). Both solutions were originally created from successful projects custom-tailored to meet the needs of their respective customers. The knowledge we collected through these projects and the experiences we gained then helped us develop two highly standardised products. Based on these, we were able to complete additional projects in a much more efficient manner. Instead of scripting and programming, we relied on simple customising.

However, there were also differences. Whereas a PLAN:D personnel file focused on document-oriented business processes in the HR department, EASY RECORDS for HR scored points above all by providing revision-proof archiving of sensitive personnel files.

Consequently, we had two similar products, with two different approaches, vying for the attention of stakeholders in a still new market for digital personnel solutions. Both solutions were appealing, and we were able to attract interesting customers for both of them. Other EASY partners, such as Henrichsen AG, which also had experience with primarily customized projects, discontinued their individual solution approaches.

Cornerstone of Product Boxes

EASY created a training and certification programme for EASY RECORDS for HR for our partners, as well as the first topical collection of materials we offered. This then became the cornerstone of the model we use today in our well-known and popular Product Boxes in the EASY ExtraNet. Along with Henrichsen, EASY participated in the most important German specialist HR exhibition, the Zukunft Personal in Cologne, for the first time in 2012. Plan:D was also at the exhibition alongside CFT.

Looking back on the event, we could characterise our debut performance as exhibitors as a little bumpy. EASY joined the market for personnel solutions as an unknown newcomer, attending the specialist exhibition for the first time. Our communication before and during the exhibition certainly could have been better. Nevertheless, the exhibition helped us make a whole series of interesting initial contacts, which quickly developed into successful closed deals.

After Zukunft Personal 2012, the company decided to continue and expand its strategy of attending professional HR trade fairs. Initial discussions between Plan:D and EASY about a potential cooperation also took place in Cologne and during the HR fair. Step by step, these discussions developed into a trusting relationship, on the basis of which we inten­sified our collaboration. Soon, EASY and Plan:D decided to combine their sales and market­ing competencies and to present themselves to the market as a single force and with a clear focus. As a result, EASY took over the Plan:D solution in 2015, and the newly developed solution EASY HR grew from the best of both solutions, as well as plenty of new ideas.

Having taken a look back, in our next blog entry on EASY HR, we want to look at the future of the solution with you. Stay tuned.