Changing Tides in the HR Department – From the Perspective of Product Management

Back in the “good old days”, personnel managers and staffers had to hoard mountains of paper and personnel files. Information piled upon information, and was almost impossible to analyse; employees had to wait weeks to get an appointment to view their files. And what were the consequences? Missed anniversaries, employees lost in the shuffle and stalled on the career ladder, and hidden talent sleeping deep within the heart of the company.


Out of the Stone Age…

Think this sounds like something from the stone age (of IT?)? Hardly. These kinds of scenarios are still playing out even today, and even in innovative companies.

A shift has taken place in the HR department. Every reasonably responsible personnel manager is getting their division ready. Effectiveness and a focus on key topics are an immense support to companies – especially when it comes to attracting and keeping good quality personnel. How can I find the old/new employees whose knowledge I need? It’s clear that looking to the company’s own internal knowledge is becoming more and more important.

How can I get employees at a certain “skill level?” How can I optimally develop my employees, or help them develop according to their own interests? How can I monitor their training or seminar participation automatically?


…and a New Age for HR.

Product management at innovative software manufacturers is truly blossoming, turning the fantasies of HR managers into reality and opening their eyes to new possibilities. Why? An innovative age has dawned in the HR sector. Now, HR departments can become more effective every month.

Finally, we are living through the start of a new HR era, one we can help shape – conservative attitudes have vanished. Management demands from the HR department are growing, and personnel managers have to deliver. But before they can deliver, they have to answer the question of “how?” As the product manager, this is where we come into the game. In our experience, however, it’s clear that even electronic personnel files by themselves are no longer enough.


Social Competence, Communication Skills, and Good Judgement

Social competence, communication skills, and good judgement are more important than ever in HR. Choosing suitable employees is one of the most important and most serious management duties in any company. The future of the company depends on the quality of its personnel. It’s in the company’s interest to keep the risk of wrong decisions as small as possible, to avoid high financial and social costs later.

This is why HR management doesn’t just consult the personnel file, but also adjacent information from other areas like wage and salary statements, a smart electronic seminar management system, a recruiting management system corresponding to their electronic HR processes, and an electronic, client-independent company file that can adjust internal processes to current events, such as changing laws, at any time.


Goodbye Crystal Ball

Earlier product managers used to have to consult their crystal ball if they wanted to know how new features in an HR application would turn out. The newest generation of personnel heads/managers is facing more and more valuable and timely needs, leading to further perfection in HR solutions.