EASY Innovator Lounge: When The Future Makes History…

Do you ever think about what’s going to happen in the future? What will our everyday lives be like, say, in the year 2030? What will be important to us then, and what types of technologies and systems will we (still) be working with?


Questions (and Answers) about Our Futures

When you think about these kinds of questions, it quickly becomes clear that discovering the right answers isn’t so easy. That’s why this year’s EASY WORLD focused on finding the right questions to ask about our futures, as well as on finding the right answers.
The innovator lounge attracted numerous participants. The concept was to ask exactly these kinds of questions in a relaxed atmosphere, consciously taking the time to formulate answers and ideas.


Retreat from Media “Overkill”

It quickly became clear to myself and my colleagues that people really enjoy thinking about the future. One of the most exciting topics was “work-life situations,” a concept that already plays an important role and that will continue to be a key concern for EASY WORLD participants in the years to come. “Being available 24 hours” and “mixing your work and private life” are just two examples of the kinds of answers we received. The issue of “always being on” led to a fascinating question: “Do we need a computer-free space in our lives?” Most likely, our interest in nostalgia and retro culture will be even greater in 2030 than it already is today. After all, everyone needs to retreat from media “overkill” now and then.


Communication via Implanted Microchips?

Just think: how would you get along without your laptop, smartphone, or tablet? It might be tough to imagine, but in the future mobile devices may no longer play a big role in our lives. Virtual spaces and implanted microchips might facilitate communication, supplanting mobile devices in some areas.

As you can see, peering into the future can pay off, and exciting developments are in store…