EASY WORLD 2016: Good Prospects for the Futures

There was a big hit in Germany back in the 1970s, all about finding unlimited freedom above the clouds. As visitors to EASY WORLD 2016 surely discovered, this little aphorism also applies to our modern IT world as well. This year, the top annual event by EASY SOFTWARE AG took place on 28th and 29th September in Mülheim city hall. The slogan of the event was “Answers for the future. Think ahead with us!” In the spirit of the event, guests at EASY WORLD joined with various speakers and experts on a journey to find answers, taking more than one look beyond today’s digital horizon.


On “Futures” and Flying Superheroes

After last year’s EASY WORLD 2015, which celebrated the 25th birthday of EASY, our focus this year represented a shift in direction, as we looked forward and into the future. This forward-thinking attitude was reflected in the opening speech by Executive Board Member Willy Cremers. Under the motto “Continuing beyond the horizon – digitisation knows no bounds”, the roughly 450 guests assembled in the ballroom of Mülheim city hall enjoyed a short video presentation that perfectly visualised the thematic focal points of EASY WORLD 2016. Our EASY superhero figure – a familiar face from the EASY website and various brochures – started off from Mülheim city hall to take an impressive, and symbolic, flight into the stratosphere.

Dr. Andreas Siebe, founder and Executive Board Member at ScMI AG, launched the theme of this year’s EASY WORLD. During his 30 minute keynote speech, this forward-thinking consultant encouraged listeners to take the opportunity of EASY WORLD 2016 to discuss the future and develop a variety of scenarios through dialogue. In doing so, Dr. Siebe prepared participants well for the topics they would be focusing on over the next two days: a discussion about our “futures”. One future that’s already become a reality followed, with the personal introduction of Torsten Eska. As of July 1st – and into the future, of course – he will act as Executive Board Member responsible for the departments of Finances, Controlling, Purchasing, IT, Personnel, and Compliance/Legal at EASY SOFTWARE AG.


A New Solution Architecture

The keynote speech by Willy Cremers followed. When he left the stage in the central ballroom, most listeners were still stunned by what they’d heard over the last few minutes. For the EASY Board Member did nothing less than present the guests with an all new solution architecture EASY SOFTWARE AG plans to use over the next few years to re-shape the ECM market. It includes four suites that are not interchangeable, but rather independent entities. Some can even be combined together: the PCM Suite “SAP”, the ECM Suite “Open System”, the SPIRIT Suite “Anywhere”, and the Service Suite “at your Service”. All products are built according to the same basic principles: a base element, a 2Design element, and a 2Go element. Cremers explained the development of this new architecture by emphasising that it will help the company provide comprehensive service to meet market and customer demands, creating clear added value for EASY customers and partners. This is consistent with our corporate philosophy to be a “Manufacturer of products that solve problems”.


It’s Not Hocus Pocus: Turning Twelve into Three

After a short coffee break and some initial personal discussions about the news delivered in the keynote speech, guests broke off into different directions to learn more about the wide variety of solutions offered by EASY in four studios, the content of each one matching one of the four suites introduced. These actually presented visitors with a tough choice; each of the studios offered lots to experience, both in terms of content and atmosphere. A captivating magic show to go along with the “SAP” PCM Suite, and a breathtaking dance performance to introduce the new ECM solution Discovery? At EASY WORLD 2016, we used these kinds of events to disrupt guests’ expectations again and again. Each attendee could take advantage of three presentations out of the twelve sessions offered, which were divided into four studios and three time frames. They were able to discuss all they had experienced after the three sessions.


Culinary Variety

In the evening, events at EASY WORLD 2016 moved to the Ruhrfoyer room at Mülheim city hall. A DJ created the right musical background, while a dancer provided visual entertainment; most of our guests had already seen her earlier in the day at the ECM Suite “Open System” studio.

Seven food stands, designed to represent the national companies in EASY SOFTWARE AG, offered a wide variety of culinary options. EASY WORLD moderator Joachim Brysch presented the dishes available at each of the stands alongside representatives from each national company. No matter whether they chose hamburgers from America, Bulgur from Turkey, Fish ‘n Chips from Great Britain, or Kaiserschmarrn from Austria – EASY WORLD attendees enjoyed a truly delicious journey around the world, and a great way to finish off an exciting day. The evening concluded with a casual atmosphere, live music, mischievous magic tricks, and great dancing.


Dialogues about the Future of ECM

Alongside experts from EASY, on the second day of the event our guests gathered in the ballroom to hold a joint dialogue about  various future-oriented topics in the segments PCM Suit, ECM Suite, and SPIRIT Suite. Numerous demonstrations and live presentations provided a transparent and authentic impression of EASY’s solution competence.

During the same period, attendees were invited to visit the innovation lounge. There, guests got the chance to have an exciting, impassioned discussion about our own futures in the year 2030, and to come up with potential future scenarios. What will everyday work look like in the year 2030? What will the ECM market be like? And how will artificial intelligence affect our lives? These are exciting questions, and everyone focused on finding answers together.


Thinking Ahead – to 2030 and 2017

At the end of EASY WORLD 2016, Dr. Andreas Siebe presented these answers to the expectant audience, creating a link with his first presentation from the previous day. In a humorous vision of the future, attendees experienced a possible typical day in the year 2030: great prospects…

Executive Board Member Willy Cremers conveyed the same message when he took the stage later to say goodbye to all the attendees, and to continue our tradition of thanking everyone who contributed to this year’s successful EASY WORLD 2016. What was that about great prospects again? It’s quite simple: the next EASY WORLD will take place in 2017; no need to wait until 2030!


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