Solution Development Made Easy – with SPIRIT2Design

Two years after the project began, EASY SPIRIT has developed into a powerful suite. We were able to announce the launch of EASY Contract – Mobile during EASY WORLD 2016. Combined with File2Go, the next mobile app is already in the starting blocks. In another important evolution, EASY is offering SPIRIT2Design as a powerful development platform.

The logic behind this decision is simple: we believe our partners know their customers best. They know which applications the market will respond to, and which customer needs which solution. With SPIRIT2Design, you can implement this knowledge within solutions faster than ever, as the platform offers multiple tools for development in a purely online environment.


Impressive Live Presentation

Participants at EASY WORLD 2016 were able to learn about the benefits of the new platform during a live presentation. One of the key advantages of the platform is that multiple modules are already available today, and can be implemented quickly and simply. For example, these include an LDAP module, building blocks for push-notifications, chats, data migration, or networking between Salesforce and SAP. An archiving module and extraction module for invoice processing are also available. Eight client SDKs provide the platform for integration into existing systems. In addition, everything is in the cloud, and no local installation is required to develop or provide the solutions.


Development with Almost No Expert Knowledge

From the viewpoint of a programmer, SPIRIT2Design revolutionises the development of solutions in the ECM environment. Programmers no longer need to wonder how to map data models or integrate Navision or LDAP, or how to blend and provide data. They can start right away with available modules, while SDKs handle “everything” in the background. Developers practically don’t need to pay any attention any more to what’s happening on the server. Instead, they can concentrate fully on business logistics.


Flagship Discipline Testing

In addition, thanks to the use of ready-made modules, development and implementation goes much quicker. The platform also has clear advantages when it comes to testing. While programmers used to have to set up a parallel test platform and go through a relatively complex process to fill it with data, SPIRIT2Design offers testing, staging, and go live practically at the push of a button. Data used for testing – as long as there are not data privacy concerns involved – can be actual data imported from the live system into the testing environment.

The set-up of the SPIRIT2Design platform is unique on the market – an unmistakable sign that EASY knows what our partners and customers need.