TechTalk 2016: Active dialogue among equals

Immediately ahead of EASY WORLD 2016, the first EASY TechTalk event run by EASY PartnerPost 2.0 took place on September 27 and 28, 2016. Our conclusion is that the lengthy preparation phase of more than four months for this event has paid off.

More than 100 participants met at Mülheim Stadthalle (guildhall), talking shop with our experts about a wide range of technical questions concerning the EASY portfolio. In addition, however, the interactive nature of this event was remarkable. Claiming to initiate a „genuine“ TechTalk event, we actively involved all our guests with the procedure. Questioning them about their expectations regarding this event was as much a part of this as were a number of interviews that time and again illustrated the dialogue nature of the event, ensuring our guests felt integrated.


Special topic areas focusing on EASY ECM Suite

In terms of content, EASY ECM Suite was the main focus at TechTalk. As part of eight different special topic areas, our guests had the opportunity to discuss a wide range of questions and tasks concerning individual solutions and products of the ECM Suite with our experts from PartnerPort 2.0, Product Management, and Software Development. Moreover, there was the opportunity to obtain information about new developments, roadmaps, and strategies.


EASY Archive Smart as a highlight and a magnet

With the topic of EASY Archive Smart and the motto of „First Look Inside“, special topic area # 7 in particular turned out to be a genuine highlight in the course the event. As a preview of EASY WORLD, partners were provided the opportunity of an exclusive view of the development of the latest archive. Agile software development, consistent dialogue with our partners and, above all, listening carefully were the key factors in creating EASY Archive Smart, a simple archive based on EASY ENTERPRISE.x. It meets the requirements for a modern and smart archive that can be quickly and easily set up. It is not only perfectly suitable for upgrading existing customers‘ EASY ENTERPRISE.i systems to the ECM Suite; in addition, it also provides unlimited cloud capability and allows all partners to import their existing integrations and simply develop new ones. We will shortly offer specific boot camps for EASY Archive Smart to transmit EASY Archive Smart knowledge to our partners.


Strong solidarity

Moreover, the entire event gave all our guests the opportunity to personally meet our PartnerPort 2.0 team. With its relaxed ambience and good food, it was particularly the evening event that provided the perfect opportunity. The EASY partner community’s strong solidarity was underpinned by many conversations.