From Product Management: A Look at the Development Centre, Part 1

In the last blog entry, we reported that the future of solutions for the HR department depends greatly on the ideas of personnel managers and C-level strategies.

But how do we get this information? What do we do with it? And how do these ideas find their way into our EASY HR application?

At EASY, we have always focused on smart technologies. As for all EASY solutions, our goal in developing the technology behind EASY HR was to create open technological solutions and further optimise collaboration with our customers’ existing IT systems.

Market surveys and analyses are outstanding tools for developing EASY HR in the best and most practical way based on customer and market demands.

What does this look like for us?


User Surveys are a Major Help

One of the points emphasised again and again in current user surveys is the great importance of simple operations and an intuitive user interface – as well as high working efficiency – in a solution’s acceptance.

With the new HTML-V-based surface of EASY HR, we’re able to achieve a new level of simplicity and intuitive efficiency.

Personnel managers also need to be able to quickly analyse their activities and generate a report on their tasks for the day, week, and month at a glance – something similar to a cockpit.



Understanding and Responding to Needs

To respond to this need, we are preparing a personal dashboard for the upcoming release where clear analyses and reports (in the form of gadgets) provide a quick overview. Deadlines are visible at a glance; this means you’ll never miss a birthday, anniversary, or other appointment again. The system informs you early when employees are going on maternity leave or leaving the company for their hard-earned retirement. There’s no need to painstakingly maintain Excel lists or Outlook calendars.

Assistants also have all the information they need quickly, and receive clear guidance through their processes. A newly designed preview has been added to the proven results tree, displaying information even quicker and more intuitively than before.

We’re also working to keep developing the solution for you in multiple ways. You can read more about it in the next blog entry on EASY HR.