It’s Holiday Season: Missing Some Information? It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way…

It used to be that summer holidays were a cause for celebration. But new developments in today’s working world have cause some of us to face even higher stress levels than usual before and during holidays, as well as after returning to work. In many cases, an enterprise content management system can help.

Companies all over the country are facing the same phenomenon: Regular customer bases are shrinking, but companies still need to pay out the same pension benefits. The more companies cut their workforces, the more difficult it is for them to cover their needs when workers go on holiday. The consequence? True holidays, when workers can truly switch off and get away from their phones are more and more rare.


30 Percent of Vacation On Call

Even before they leave, workers need to hurry to make sure they leave a clean slate. They need to finish up projects and hand over ongoing jobs in due time. By their own accounts, 30 percent of employees in Germany even have to be available to their employers while on vacation – the blessings of e-mail and cell phones have made that easier today than ever before. And after you return? Well, first there’s everything left before you went on vacation  – and whatever’s come up in the meantime  – while new orders and enquiries come in all the time. Unfortunately, none of your colleagues have handled open tasks, as they themselves may have been away.


Enterprise Content Management Relieves the Burden

Let’s imagine that a boss wanted to support his or her employees through these kinds of situations – after all, in the end they are unsatisfying for everyone involved, and practically a recipe for burnout. At the end of the day, there must be some supervisors out there who don’t like being disturbed over vacation either, or who don’t enjoy calling their employees in the evening. By introducing an enterprise content management system, bosses could change quite a few things for the better. ECM systems aren’t just a way to generally improve processes. They also make handling substitutions and absences much more efficient. They help make sure everyone “left behind” can quickly call up processes on their screens to give answers if questions come up. This allows workforces to produce greater output in less time. It makes filling in for colleagues so easy, employees hardly see it as a chore.


A Good Investment

Investing in an ECM pays off – and not only through reduced process costs. They’re also almost certain to pay off with improved employee satisfaction. At least, they do if you put off the investment. After all, the business world never stops …