From Product Management: A Look at the Development Centre, Part 2

The next version of EASY HR is taking another step upwards on the ladder of mobility. Defined approval scenarios, for example to approve/deny a vacation request, will be available as an app for your smartphone or tablet. Mobility is gaining more and more importance in our world. In the future, not even personnel managers at modern companies will be sitting at their desks; instead, they are becoming ever more mobile, transforming into service providers within the growing company. These will be joined by other useful apps in the future, such as mobile information capturing with your smartphone or tablet.


Smart Training, Reliable Assessments

In the future, it will be even more important for managers to clearly define the roles of their employees, optimally encourage their strengths, and handle any weaknesses in a targeted manner. The Seminar Management module in EASY HR offers key functions in this respect for employee training and education, creating a high level of transparency regarding what the company “knows” about its employees.

In practice, assessing skills and personality features through a classic assessment centre or management audit isn’t always reliable in predicting the future output of a manager or an employee with potential. For this reason, EASY’s development laboratory is also focusing on the topic of intelligent assessment management. We base our work on regular feedback discussions between em­ployees and supervisors, supported by electronic guidelines and digital assessment sheets. Both self- and third-party assessments are documented in a transparent way, providing a basis for the parties to jointly determine measures and development pathways.


Successfully Attract New Employees

Besides the needs of existing employees, attracting new ones is also playing an ever greater role in HR departments. The threat of a lack of skilled employees, and the much belaboured “war for talents”, have made the recruiting process a key focus at many companies. That’s why we’re also pleased to report on some exciting developments and projects for the Applicant Management module in EASY HR.

To better support company recruiting processes right from the start, and to relieve personnel department users from mundane routine tasks, our developers are currently working on linking to other job portals in addition to the Agentur für Arbeit.

But how do candidates view the application process? Modern companies use the opportunity to put their best foot forward even during this sensitive phase, ensuring candidates perceive them as an innovative and transparent employer. An attractive applicant portal not only reduces the work employees have to do to capture information, but also involves candidates in procedures and decision-making processes right from the start. Every candidate can view the status of the process, view the documents they’ve submitted, and add information easily as needed.

As you’ve seen from these highlights on our current projects and plans, our treasure trove of ideas is almost inexhaustible. We hope we’ve given you some interesting glimpses into our work. We will be happy to keep you up to date in the future, as well.


How You Can Get Involved

Did you know you can take an active part in shaping the future of EASY HR? Share your ideas with us, contact us, or send us an e-mail. Soon, we will also be providing you with a special area on our website where you can enter your ideas. Rest assured, we will respond to your inquiry and discuss your ideas with you. We’re looking forward to it.