EASY Archive will have even greater presence in the future

VISIONICE takes over the ECM business sector of F1-innovate GmbH

By taking over the business unit ECM of Osnabrück-based F1-innovate GmbH and its current staff effective October 1, 2016, VISIONICE GmbH strengthens sales of EASY Archive (formerly known as EASY ENTERPRISE) especially in the western and northern parts of Germany. At the same time the company positions itself more strongly as a full service provider in the document management systems (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM) sectors.

This acquisition combines existing competencies under the umbrella of the Black Forest-based enterprise, bundling synergies with regard to technologies, industry expertise, as well as technical and staff know-how.

„Through this takeover, we expand our strategic portfolio management in the ECM business unit. In addition, by bundling competencies we optimize internal workflows, creating synergy effects through uniform and transparent structures in the Development, Sales & Distribution, and Consulting sectors, which will be of lasting benefit to both existing and new customers,“ says Marc Eppinger, CEO of VISIONICE GmbH.