EASY Archive is becoming more modular

Since EASY introduced its ECM Suite, it has evolved over time. And that’s precisely EASY’s objective for the current year, with its roadmap full to the brim. For example, in the upcoming months EASY ECM Suite will present new features about which end customers, users and EASY partners alike should be thrilled.

Particularly EASY Archive, which already in 2016 was an important part of the EASY agenda, has seen some activities.


A single archive core, and many capabilities

EASY Archive is turning into EASY Archive Smart. Thus, from simple installation as an archive server and mature operation in organizations through to the cloud, EASY Archive is at home everywhere. The focus is on its easy and flexible usability. As a simple archive, EASY Archive Smart is initially capable of sacrificing a lot of features, turning it into the equivalent of a compact archive server. However, the easy-to-turn on modules enable rolling out EASY Archive Smart to a complete ECM system – you don’t have to restart the server for this. This solution complies with the customer’s requirements. The customer’s need determines the scope of installation. The system can easily evolve with the customer’s need as it grows. So, EASY Archive Smart is becoming more scalable, agile and flexible than ever.


Soon to become even better in the cloud

But that’s not all. EASY is working on cloud capability of EASY Archive Smart. The company will soon release a Linux version of EASY Archive Smart. Moreover, making the solution compatible with the Docker platform in order to ensure better distribution over the cloud is scheduled. Last but not least, you’ll be able to mount cloud storage in addition to local memory. The objective is clear: to make EASY Archive even better.