CSR: Green IT and EASY – the perfect fit

A couple of weeks ago I reported on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at EASY and on why we are socially committed. My conclusion then was that there is absolutely no reason for EASY not to commit itself socially and that there is every reason to do so.

Today I’d like to report on a concrete project, i.e. our cooperation with AfB gemeinnützige GmbH (AfB Green IT). What’s it all about? In a nutshell, it’s about recycling and environmentally sound disposal of used IT hardware. Actually, AfB takes „old“ hardware from the EASY Group, refurbishing it or disposing of it by complying with international IT safety standards.  AfB is even able to perform certified deletion of SSD hard disks. That’s still not a given these days.


Sustainability has many facets

The benefits are clear:  the hardware circulates again among new users at reasonable prices, defective devices or devices that are too old are used for extracting spare parts, and the remaining raw materials go to certified recycling companies. This allows reducing new production of hardware and electronic waste, raw material consumption, and environmental pollution, as well as improving the C02 balance. In short, we practice sustained use of IT technology in processes, productivity, energy, and resource efficiency.

Not just that, all procedures when working for disabled people (AfB) are designed barrier-free: disabled and non-disabled people are working together. This social aspect – securing education and a workplace for disabled people, integrating them into the business world – also represents to us an important facet of social sustainability.

Admittedly, to a software manufacturer like EASY, partnership in the Green IT sector is a natural, if not the most natural, commitment to corporate social responsibility. The concept is simply convincing: the idea of putting used hardware to good use is consistent with our notions of acting ecologically and effectively as a company. Here, too, the partnership alliance provides another win-win situation, because AfB offers special terms to all EASY employees for buying recycled devices.

But this is not our sole commitment: as I will report piecemeal on this site, we also recognize meaningful and good projects for CSR at EASY with regard to other topics.