EASY Customer Days 2017: Kick-off at the zoo

Digitalisation and tropical garden? Sounds like a contradiction, but it fits together – at least when EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH holds a customer day in the Gelsenkirchen experience zoo Zoom.


The (IT-) Rumble in the Jungle

Between tree pythons, fruit bats and pig-tailed macaques –  in their respective enclosures, mind you – we informed our guests in six expert talks about the essential to-dos of digitalisation for companies and a professional EASY solution. First, Richard Luckow from management introduced EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH, which has existed since January 2017. Then EASY moderator Joachim Brysch presented the topic of digitalisation trends and associated challenges. Together with Reinhard Eidelsburger, Head of Consulting EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland, Luckow outlined how digitalisation can succeed in a few steps and what users should consider.


Practical example

Thorsten Ballo, IT consultant at Gelsen-Net, supported what had been said from the customer’s point of view with practical and clear examples from the daily business of the IT system house, which is anchored in the region. A little later, the group went to the venue, that Gelsen-Net managed  with IT for the Gelsenkirchener Zoo.


Of managed services and mobility

In this connection, Wolfgang Mertens gave interesting insights into EASY’s new managed services. Head of Customer Care and Managed Services at EASY, he underlined the added value for companies to concentrate even more on their core business thanks to the new EASY offer. Marcel Rosenbaum, Senior Vice President of EASY ENTERPRISE SERVICES GmbH, presented a new mobility for business. He made it clear that individual apps will not only be a mainstay of the entrepreneurial future, but also why: simplification and acceleration of business processes can be significantly increased with SPIRIT Suite.


Animal Tête-à-Tête

An instructiv zoological tour through the Zoom theme park provided an animal tête-à-tête and walk from „Asia“ to „Africa“ – thus, between two theme worlds in the zoo – including feeding the meerkats and various humorous anecdotes from the animal world.


Digital roadmap?

Following this „movement unit,“ PCM Solution Architect Roland Conzelmann reported on the possibilities and advantages of SAP Invoice Management. Last but not least, Gottfried Oster, EASY Strategy Consultant, focused on the topic „Roadmap for digital document processes.“ Dialog with our guests made it clear there are still „white spots“ on  corporate maps and that a platform is essential as a central tool for a roadmap. In conclusion – according to the first feedback from our guests on site – it was a professional as well as organisationally interesting and enriching event.