EASY Invoice 4.0 now available

EASY Invoice is the efficient solution for digital invoice processing. Our solution captures incoming invoices through a safe and transparent process, at the same time reliably extracting invoice information. Invoices then iterate through a verification and release workflow; EASY Invoice passes transaction data to the back-end ERP system, and archives invoices in a revision-proof manner. As the responsible manager, you’ll keep track of your invoice processes at all times. EASY Invoice harmonically integrates with existing IT environments, evolving with the company as it grows.


Lots of enhancements

EASY Invoice 4.0 is based on the most recent versions EASY DMS 5.0b and EASY Capture Plus 5. The new version impresses with lots of enhancements and some minor corrections; it also impresses with integration into the new SP AP 6.0 and tremendous enhancements in EASY Capture Plus – Verify. You’ll benefit from the optimized information recognition feature in documents and increased recognition security with difficult templates. Speed in processing and transferring information in bulk capturing has also increased once more. Simplified administration provides more ways of influencing recognition and enhanced training capabilities for your documents.

Moreover, we have revised the EASY Invoice setup, improved representation capabilities for invoice line items (GenTable), and there have been many other detailed improvements.

For more information about the new EASY Invoice version, see the ChangeLogs; for general information about EASY Invoice 4.0 and our other products, go to www.easy.de/?lang=en.

Your personal contact person at EASY SOFTWARE will also be happy to assist you!