EASY SERVICE Suite: Unlimited resources – on demand

It’s here at last: the new EASY Data Center has gone live. This will bring entirely new prospects for partners and EASY users during the next couple of weeks. Because with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS), EASY makes three offers from which both partners and customers will equally benefit.

Experience has shown that operating computing capacities is costly – servers not only consume power, they also need space and maintenance. And that’s time- and people-consuming. And last but not least, you expect servers and applications running on them to be available 24 hours. Keywords in this context are: failover and high availability.


EASY Data Center: from IaaS to SaaS

Little wonder that an increasing number of enterprises are interested in outsourcing computing capacities and services.  EASY will soon offer them three ways of outsourcing their resources using the new data center:

First, there will be Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS: this provides processing power and storage space – just the kind of infrastructure that you need to run your own applications safely and, above all, to make them resilient against failure.

What is equally interesting – although this applies above all to EASY partners – is the product Platform as a Service, or PaaS. Because this provides a powerful development platform to develop your own apps.

Lastly, there is Software as a Service, or SaaS: here, EASY deploys and runs customer software and customer applications in the EASY Data Center. Additionally, EASY Services such as an online archive can also be represented here.


Scalable, agile, and cost-effective

For customers, this means that the days of investing time and money in the infrastructure are over. Thanks to scalable service levels, you’ll design your business leaner, more effective, more agile, and more cost-effectively. Above all, your budget is calculable because server resources in a German Data Center – guaranteeing the highest security, quality and data protection standards – are available at a fixed price. And all this from your trusted partner, EASY SOFTWARE AG.