EASY ECM Suite: Digitization in a few steps – what users should consider

The road to digitization may be a rocky one – it needn’t though. In any event, we recommend that you define phases and go step by step. „Frequently, a traditional stumbling block is that projects are not priced within your budget, often exceeding a deadline or where the quality does not match. Another issue that imperils projects is poor communication,“ explains Reinhard Eidelsburger, in charge of consulting at EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH.


Transparency is a quality in itself
In association with his team, Mr. Eidelsburger intensively dealt with the question of why many digitization and IT projects fail. Certainly, such projects are frequently of a complex and ambitious nature – but they are not unsolvable. But what is there to do? „A transparent procedure is important. The project process should be transparent to all those involved and, ideally, a central service desk for post-project support is available.


Thinking required…
But which requirements are necessary for digitization projects? First, realizing that digitization is an opportunity helps. It provides numerous capabilities, such as working regardless of location and device, opening up to an innovative culture, living that openness and sharing the results.


and some planning
And what else? Is this a bit like the chicken-egg problem: is the prerequisite to project success a clear strategy or the digital agenda? „Enterprises often pursue the approach of completely implementing the current process in the new system. This usually does not work. Ideally, the digital agenda already exists regardless of the project,“ says Reinhard Eidelsburger, drawing from his wealth of experience. If an agenda exists, the result will be the necessary tools which enable you to start an agile process will, implement market requirements faster, gain transparency for your project, and ensure routine matching. Agile methods in particular may be supportive, just as preferably small iterations that are continually repeated.

And then there’s EASY…
But what if these requirements do not yet exist? For this purpose, EASY strategy consulting is available – it supports you from project, through the process up to the domain. From our point of view, the best method for successful digitization is deducing a digital agenda from your customer strategy – which allows you to reach Digital Transformation and actually implement the project. Want to learn more? Talk to Reinhard Eidelsburger +49 208 450160