SPIRIT DEVELOPER DAYS 2017 #2: Creative and innovative

„Off to the app factory“ – under this slogan SPIRIT DEVELOPER DAYS 2017 took place for the second time at the EASY HQ in Mülheim, Germany. What was it about? In the course of three days, three teams developed different business solutions based on the SPIRIT platform. There were no presentations or live demos. Instead, genuine „manual work“ was the focus of the experienced developers from partners as well as some EASY employees meeting EASY SPIRIT in depth. Besides working in teams, the participants were able to get additional inspiration in so-called breakout sessions or obtain information in these about topics like User Experience or SPIRIT use cases.


Reaching intriguing results through competence and fun
The second hackathon in 2017 also illustrated what SPIRIT is capable of implementing within a short time: the almost 20 participants developed new and innovative ideas for applications in creative teams, implementing these directly during the event through SPIRIT2Design. One team, for example, developed different solutions for organizing a vehicle fleet. That team managed to implement a desktop and a Web app as well as an Android application within those three days using SPIRIT.  Using a sales force connection, direct synchronization of the data took place in all applications. The second team digitized vacation requests in organizations through its vacation app. One specificity was that the application suggests extra days off work to bridge a single working day between a bank holiday and a weekend as „favorable“ vacation days, depending on the Federal state. Another result was digital travel expense accounting as a Web client, shortening both collection and processing time for employees.


Native business solutions within a couple of days
EASY SPIRIT allows implementing individual but also standardized applications very easily and immediately. The results of the second EASY hackathon speak for themselves. The logical conclusion is that the third SPIRIT DEVELOPER DAYS are already being planned.