The TEAM-CUP.NRW sailing regatta: EASY SOFTWARE wins again

Successful championship: EASY SOFTWARE AG also won the Second Team-Cup.NRW for sailing on Lake Baldeney in Essen, Germany. The Mülheim software manufacturer’s team came out No. 1 already in the previous year’s competition premiere, scooping the trophy.

Top winner and hunter

This year, two EASY SOFTWARE teams took part in the regatta of the Essen-based Turn- und Fechtklub (gymnastics and fencing club) (ETUF, image: Reiner Worm): The team consisting of Martin Schrof, Gregor Tenbrink and Abdullah Yildirim proved its great dexterity, confidently coming out No. 1, with a total of four victories. Less promising, the second EASY team entered the „midterm“ race: after three races, Rainer Berndt, Joachim Brysch, Reinhold Opalka and Oliver Walhöfer came out last. However, the „refreshment“ lunch seemed to work wonders.  During the second pass, the previous winners really picked up speed, and came out as winner No. 2 in the overall rating. The double triumph for EASY with the second Team-Cup.NRW race was therefore perfect, the result of which was great joy among the EASY team.

Camaraderie and group dynamics
„Sailing is also about camaraderie, group dynamics, and mutual trust. Today, combined with the required grain of luck, we successfully threw these qualities into the scales. But the Team-Cup.NRW race is also a competition-style sportive event. We are therefore happy about coming out as winners No. 1 and 2, as well as successful championship with this – again – extremely well organized regatta,“ says EASY company spokesman Joachim Brysch.

Rating based on the low-point system

Overall, five teams from different companies of the Ruhr District fought on three boats of the J/22 class in so-called fleet race mode for fame, glory, and the coveted trophy. Based on the low-point system used by the Deutsche Segler-Verband, or German Sailing Association, you had to come out in as good a position as possible, gaining as few points as possible.

A regatta for companies

The participants were not professionals but employees from different companies. They sailed on keel boats, almost seven meters long, with rules being governed by international rules for sailing competitions.  The sails for the team cup consisted of fore- and mainsail. Due to the low weight and dinghy-like underwater vessel, the boats can also sail well with little wind. This ensured that the event was exciting to the last, not just to the participants but also to the viewers.