City Cycling 2017: 155,000 kilometers to support climate protection

Following successful participation in city cycling campaign in 2016, EASY employees were again pedaling fast and powerfully from May 20 through June 9, 2017. As part of the „City cycling – Let’s cycle in support of bicycle traffic, climate protection and quality of life“ campaign, EASY literally took an active part in increasing the number of cyclists in the Ruhr District metropolis to actually avoid carbon dioxide emissions and at the same time improve people’s own health.


3 times the length of the Equator…

During the three-week campaign period, cyclists were able to collect scores for climate protection for every kilometer cycled. EASY only reached nearly 1,500 kilometers here – the equivalent of about 210 kilograms of CO2 emissions avoided. Therefore, EASY reached No. 23 of 51 in the total ranking. In total, the 514 Mülheim participants cycled approximately 155,000 km, thereby avoiding 21,973 kg of CO2 emissions. This calculation is based on 142 g CO2 per person/kilometer. According to the organizers of this campaign, the Klima-Bündnis (Climate Association), this equals 3.86 times the length of the Equator.

Active commitment to sustainability

Thus, all Mülheim participants set a sign for climate protection and promoting bicycle traffic. To EASY, this is a small but nice contribution to greater sustainability. „The renewed commitment of our employees underscores their awareness of sustained activity and of their own health,“ says Joachim Brysch, Manager Strategic Communications at EASY SOFTWARE AG. „Again, our positive results are at the same time an incentive for City Cycling 2018.“