Digital Invoices Information Day: a specific and entertaining event

On July 5, 2017, the 12th Digital Invoices Information Day event organized by EASY, in association with the packaging specialist Infania, the auditing firm PWC and the German Federal Tax Office of Bonn (Germany) informed about important aspects covering electronic invoices in business transactions. Through numerous technical presentations and concrete application samples, the attendees learned what to consider with legal formulations in the context of electronic invoice processing at the Ruhrturm Essen venue.


The visitors were intrigued by the agenda, including technical presentations, e.g. on procedural documentation, expert discussions, and concrete Best Practice application samples. Moreover, following the technical presentations, there was enough time for intensive discussions and personal conversations for the attendees. Thus, this day event offered a program that was highly welcomed by the approximately 50 attendees. The positive assessments by our guests ranged from „very entertaining, a very good mix of presentations“ through to „an important event because the changes in financial law also bring changes to requirements for enterprises“.