Digitisation Takes a Plan

Risk, or opportunity? The digital transformation is opening up new markets and facilitating new business models, but it’s also accelerating the pace of business and increasing both data volumes and competition. A good thing for companies that have a plan for digitisation.


Digitisation Can’t Be Stopped

“Digitisation is unstoppable. It’s moving forward, and shaping our everyday work more and more. We have to face the continuous new challenges that are coming towards us, and we have to do it in a way that requires a high level of flexibility and mobility”, says Gottfried Oster from EASY Strategic Consulting. The driving forces behind this development include both technology and human behaviour and environments, which are producing new trends all the time. Just think of the abundance of so-called social media – from Facebook to Instagram and Snapchat.


Trend Toward Customisation

There is a clear shift going on in industry away from mass production and towards customization. “In companies, platforms are developing into the key interface for the flexibility they need. The ability to quickly and flexibly adapt core company processes is key to increase value creation and adjust business models”, Oster continues. One important point in this context is that finding the right, the truly best path forward for a specific company requires a precise analysis of its current condition. This is the only way to identify the company’s development, which is a reliable way to determine where the company stands in its digital transformation. There’s one other aspect that shouldn’t be underestimated: Companies may need to reposition themselves around their customers’ needs to remain competitive in the long term.


Creating a Solid Foundation

Challenges, in turn, are derived from the situational analysis based on the company’s own strategy and goals. The sum of all these parts is an individual digital agenda. “With the right digital agenda, the company’s digital transformation will be on solid ground. That means the company will be well-equipped for the future”, Oster concludes.


Conscientious Digitisation

We’re not trying to say there aren’t a large number of challenges that go along with digitisation – quite the opposite. It’s important to keep up with the pace of digital transformation, distribute required IT resources from ongoing business, acquire any expertise your company is missing on new technologies, or find the right partner to carry out the company’s digital transformation.


This is where EASY strategic consulting comes into play. It supports your company in completing its situational analysis on digitisation, and works with you to develop appropriate digitisation strategies. With this support, preparing a coherent road map isn’t a challenge but rather a constructive process toward your own custom digital agenda. More Information: Gottfried.Oster@easy.de