EASY Applications: New demo environment available now

The new version of the proven demo environment for EASY applications – known as ESP demo – is now available. The new version contains the current versions of EASY HR, EASY Contract, EASY Invoice, EASY Capture Plus, and EASY Client, EASY DMS, as well as EASY Workflow. EASY Archive Smart is now used as the archive.

A basis for sales representations

The demo environment maps various presentation scenarios. One documentation informs about samples and demo data, giving important hints on how to use them. Therefore, the new ESP demo  again provides an excellent basis for dealing with EASY products, but also for preparing and performing sales representations and workshops.

Certified EASY partners can find the download for the new demo environment on the EASY extranet in each product box of the contained products EASY ECM Suite, EASY Archive Smart, EASY Client, EASY DMS, EASY Workflow, EASY Invoice, EASY Contract, or EASY HR.

Technical notes

You can either update licenses (OnlyLicenseUpdate, licenses until December 31, 2017), or use a new VM (also includes a license update). We recommend that you use a new VM. In the VM we have, above all, installed current product versions (see also changelog for version):

  • EASY Archive Smart 6.1.0422
  • EASY Capture Plus
  • EASY DMS, Client, Workflow 5b 2034
  • EASY Contract
  • EASY HR 3.1.0
  • EASY Invoice 4.0.0

Ever since it was initially deployed, the ESP demo has evolved into an elementary and popular instrument for sales and consulting with many of our partners. Even on the user side, there has been a lot of praise. For more information, go to the EASY extranet.

We hope you enjoy the new EASY demo environment and are successful with it.