EASY WORLD 2017: An eye on the future

“What does digitization mean for you?” is one of the key questions asked at EASY WORLD 2017, which started yesterday at noon in the Stadthalle Mülheim. Once again, EASY SOFTWARE AG’s top customer event provides plenty of practical, hands-on content this year.

No wonder that around 400 visitors followed the invitation to discuss their expectations and requirements in an increasingly digitized work environment. What is the optimal use of digitization for businesses? How can they secure crucial competitive advantages? Why is a digital agenda needed, and which is the right way to get there? These are just a few of the questions that preoccupy customers, partners, and interested guests at EASY WORLD 2017.

Prepare for digitization

Ultimately, we are pursuing one central goal, which is to help you, our customers and partners, prepare for a joint, successful future, particularly for the challenges posed by digitization,” emphasized EASY CEO Willy Cremers in his keynote at the start of the event. According to him, one prerequisite for this was a change in the company itself, from a supplier of technology to a provider of solutions.

“Supplement, not substitute”

Cremers also emphasized that digitization involves evolution rather than revolution. He called it a “long-term, permanent process of development for the benefit of our customers and partners.” Therefore, one credo takes central stage for EASY SOFTWARE AG and their products and solutions: “Supplement, not substitute”. For EASY, this means that the company’s four product suites do not replace one another; they all stand alone and can be partially combined and used complementarily. Future new solutions from EASY will be easily integrated in a similar fashion.

A wide range of solutions

Among other things, EASY has added to its proven ECM and PCM portfolio. Services, consulting and apps are provided in a location of the customer’s choice: on premise, as a hybrid model, or completely in the cloud as an SaaS model. There are many new features in the areas of service and mobile application as well. Visitors learned about concrete details in three presentations, live and in step with actual practice, on this first day. The main focus lay on aspects of the ever-increasing networking of information, the digitization of human resources in the context of SAP, and the simplification of daily work processes through EASY solutions – always with an eye on the optimization of workflows and the relief of employees from certain tasks including onerous routines.

EASY strategy consultation

Another new feature this year is the Innovation Lounge that invites all visitors to join an active dialog about digitization and the “right” way to get there. Key words in this context are digital agenda, roadmap, and… the new EASY strategy consultation `beyond` (german video) that is first introduced to the public at this year’s EASY WORLD. From now on, it will support companies in all strategic issues of digitization, but may also assist in the practical implementation.

Eat, drink and be merry…

Traditionally, besides a ton of practical content and many opportunities for networking, EASY WORLD also offers some fun that does not revolve around technical issues. In the evening, in the familiar casual ambience of the Ruhr terrace at Stadthalle Mülheim, everyone was encouraged to let the many new impressions of the day sink in and enjoy the “classic” forms of dynamics and agility: food, drink, and dancing. Today, on Thursday, more exciting presentations and conversations are on the agenda of EASY WORLD 2017.

You will find a detailed review of the wealth of topical information introduced at EASY WORLD 2017 in our newsletter in the upcoming weeks.
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