EASY Cloud Platform

EASY Cloud Platform: Springboard into digitization

Digital transformation poses new challenges for many businesses, with growing competitive pressure from young, innovative and agile start-ups. At the same time, legacy IT structures often inhibit the further development of the application environment. EASY SOFTWARE presented a remedy for this dilemma at EASY WORLD: the EASY Cloud Platform. It integrates existing infrastructures with the help of native Cloud applications and interfaces, connecting people, processes, and systems.

Digitization means one thing, above all: users demand access to data, resources, and processes – anytime, anywhere, from stationary PCs or from mobile end devices. Working together faster, more efficiently and with increased mobility – those are paradigms of modern cooperation. Therefore, many companies face the challenge of making – sometimes critical – business processes more flexible and linking them together. This applies to field staff and suppliers, among others, and also when it comes to dealing with customers. In this context, developers, software manufacturers and resellers need to adapt their business models as well and it is therefore important to provide suitable integration offers and applications promptly and efficiently.


The EASY Cloud Platform connects work environments…

With the new EASY Cloud Platform, a powerful solution is now available to achieve this balancing act. It allows EASY SOFTWARE to map document-intensive business processes in the Cloud. Moreover, it is possible to coordinate and control processes, and make them available remotely from the Cloud. To this purpose, the platform provides powerful standard applications and interfaces that integrate highly diverse business applications and systems. It also includes Software Development Kits (SDKs). With their help, individual native Cloud applications for almost all end devices, browsers and systems can be provided in no time at all.


…and systems

The EASY Cloud Platform is designed as an investment-saving Platform as a Service solution. Thus, it facilitates the agile and efficient development of business processes towards a modern, future-proof IT infrastructure. However, the EASY Cloud Platform is more than a storage location for an archive, or a central development and integration instance. It also functions as a liaison between previously isolated systems, such as ERP or ECM. It allows users to map comprehensive end-to-end processes with very little effort, or to start customer-specific cloud-based add-ons for on-premise applications. In all this, EASY partners and users can count on maximum reliability and data security. The EASY Cloud Platform is run by the software manufacturer from Mülheim in an ISO certified German data center.


Bookable online

“The EASY Cloud Platform accelerates innovation with the help of great applications, and integrates business software, IoT and social networks,” says Marcel Rosenbaum, Senior Vice President of EASY ENTERPRISE SERVICES GmbH (EES). “It simplifies business processes and improves user experience, efficiency, and productivity. And there is no need to worry about dependencies on legacy systems during integration.” In other words: the EASY Cloud Platform allows you to map business processes easier, faster, and more individually than ever before. The editions of the EASY Cloud Platform can be booked directly online here. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.