SAP Personel File

EASY PCM Personnel File for Success Factors: Bring together what belongs together

EASY PCM Personnel File for SuccessFactors is now available. Besides the digital personnel file for SAP HCM, we also offer a solution in the SuccessFactors environment.

EASY PCM Personnel File for SuccessFactors simplifies your daily routine considerably. Our digital personnel file lets you bundle all relevant information and documents pertaining to an employee in one location. Signed work contracts, important e-mail communications, internal correspondence, or the most recent payroll statement – the digital personnel file brings together what belongs together. Documents from SuccessFactors are directly transmitted to your archive system; various types of documents can be archived flexibly and via different paths.


One package, many advantages

EASY PCM Personnel File for SuccessFactors is the central personnel file for SuccessFactors – no matter whether you use all of SuccessFactors , or just some individual modules. Moreover, the solution is directly integrated into each employee’s context menu. Records from your employee base in “Employee Central”, or the organizational chart diagram, can be retrieved with just one click.

Thanks to the responsive design, you can easily and consistently process documents remotely or from your desktop while leaving them in your existing archive system. Another useful feature ensures that the existing role and authorization assignments determine the role-specific display of file contents.


Pragmatic and flexible

The digital personnel file is the perfect base for time-saving workflows, and for the creation or sharing of documents. To this purpose, EASY PCM provides various preconfigured products. They are based on extensive product experience and can be adapted to your requirements with minimal effort. Are you running an SAP ERP HCM in parallel during the introduction phase of SuccessFactors? In that case, you can even access the same personnel files from both systems.

We hope you will enjoy EASY PCM Personnel File for SuccessFactors. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.