SAP Reference Letter

EASY PCM Reference Letter for SuccessFactors

EASY PCM Reference Letter for SuccessFactors is now available. EASY PCM Reference Letter for SuccessFactors allows you to create legally secure reference letters – easier than ever before. The product provides you with ready-made, proven-in-practice text modules and workflows that will accelerate the process of creating reference letters enormously, effectively supporting your management team and your HR department. Thus, in addition to the existing reference letter solution for SAP HCM, EASY SOGFTWARE AG now offers you an excellent product for your SuccessFactors as well.


Writing a perfect reference letter

A perfect reference letter? Easily done. As soon as the request to create a reference letter has been received, the product transmits the employee’s master data directly from SuccessFactors to the Employee Central and the appropriate form. The responsible manager is then automatically assigned a task in SuccessFactors, and asked to submit an evaluation. An assessment is given according to a grading system. Several suitable text modules, in compliance with employment law, are available for each grade.

Once this is accomplished, the responsible personnel administrator will receive an e-mail notification. He or she can take corrective action, if necessary, or release the reference letter with the touch of a button. The final letter is then printed and signed, and stored automatically in the electronic personnel file.


Remotely from anywhere

Due to legally secure standard phrases, managers and HR administrators will save considerable amounts of time that would otherwise be spent on the repeated acquisition of reference letters. Of course, it is no problem to include individually written text modules as well. Moreover, a preview of the final document can be displayed at any time. And, last but not least, all steps of the process can be executed remotely from any Location.

We hope you will enjoy EASY PCM Reference Letter for SuccessFactors. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.