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EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH: New office space officially dedicated

It is now official: Richard Luckow, Managing Director of EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH, and Willy Cremers, CEO of EASY SOFTWARE AG, have dedicated the Mülheim office space of the German national EASY subsidiary in a festive ceremony. Following the formal move in May, the Sales Operation and Consulting staff now celebrated the official opening of the building in the Geneba industrial park in Mellinghofer Straße. The spacious and well-lit open-plan office comprises 25 fixed or mobile workstations.


Employee art in the office

EASY employees themselves designed a special feel-good factor in their new work environment. In a painting workshop, five teams gave their creativity free rein and used brushes, paint, and their imagination to create individual pieces of art on canvas, covering the topics of customer satisfaction, customer communication, digitization, solution/process house, and innovation. Richard Luckow was thrilled with the result of the activity: „A great outcome, and a wonderful wall decoration for the new rooms.“ During the ceremony, there were happy faces all around, not least because of the successful interior design effort. The unanimous opinion that day was, „We certainly like to work here.“