EASY Cloud Platform: Doing what others cannot

The EASY Cloud Platform is new and, in many regards, unique in the market. It integrates existing infrastructures, anytime and anywhere, without being limited by them. It operates with an ease that lets you forget the complexity of background systems and codes.

Introduced at EASY WORLD only recently, the EASY Cloud Platform has already caused a ripple. After all, it promises more agility and speed in development, in operation, and even in the integration of complex, cross-system process chains . Many want to know – what is it the EASY Cloud Platform can do that others cannot?


Strong app dynamics

One essential advantage is that the EASY Cloud Platform offers a continuously growing number of modules that mirror business processes end to end. A very active community continues to develop these apps further. New apps can be created and distributed without any knowledge of complex programming languages.


Powerful integration capacity

Another strong point of the EASY Cloud Platform is connecting existing systems and making data from very different sources within the company available everywhere. It allows data access and integration into business processes anytime and from any place via any device.


Easy introduction to the Cloud world

No matter what on-premise and legacy systems are currently in use – the EASY Cloud Platform is the best introduction to the world of the Cloud, because there is no need to modify or replace existing systems . The EASY Cloud Platform relies on evolution, not revolution.


Upgrades – faster than ever

Furthermore, the apps that you run with the EASY Cloud Platform are completely independent of the release status of your legacy systems – one of the greatest inhibiting factors when it comes to the provision, installation, and implementation of updates and upgrades. Handling the application lifecycle is now faster and safer than ever before.


Less expenditure, more transparency and security

Three more USPs make the EASY Cloud Platform even more special. It provides you with a “Platform as a Service” that helps reduce your costs and makes savings transparent. Investment decisions can thus be made faster and based on deeper knowledge, not least because the EASY Cloud Platform is an extremely reliable Cloud solution. It runs in an ISO certified data center in Germany on high-performance servers that offer maximum availability and failure safety.