An exciting fall break – thanks to EASY

Following part one in the summer, the second Experiencing Nature Week for primary school students in Mülheim-Eppinghofen started on Monday this week, sponsored by EASY. While, in July, the guiding themes were nature and environment, everything revolves around the natural elements fire, earth, air, and water this time.

Flying kites and firefighters

In tune with the season, children between the ages of six and ten build their own airworthy kites in a kite workshop, and also discover why it is that kites can fly. In the Aquarius water museum, thrilling experiments involving water await the participants, and of course they will learn lots of interesting facts about this intriguing element. The forest school presents the woodlands and their inhabitants. The next day, in keeping with the motto “Some like it hot”, the children pay a visit to the Mülheim fire department. Naturally, the experts will also teach their young guests about the dangers of fire, and how they should act in case of an emergency. At the end of the week, an excursion to Haus Ruhrnatur will provide amazing insights into the interaction between the elements. Young explorers also get a glimpse of what is hidden below the ground. Does all this sound attractive? Well, it is. Just like in the summer, the Experiencing Nature Week is once again completely booked out.

Free participation for all children

A little background on the campaign: EASY SOFTWARE AG set up a donation box at their main office in Mülheim/Ruhr during the 2016 holiday season, which met with great approval from employees. EASY staff collected a total of € 2,100 – which was presented to the employees of Eppinghofen district management in the form of a check by EASY executives Willy Cremers and Thorsten Eska in late January. Thanks to this donation, children get to participate in the Experiencing Nature Weeks at no cost.