Radschnellweg Ruhr is extended: EASY joins in the celebration

The Ruhr Valley Fast Cycle Route (Radschnellweg Ruhr, RS1 in short) is a pilot project for Germany that is being followed with great interest in other European countries, and even in the USA. Once it is complete, the fast cycle route will be about 100 km long and cut right through the Ruhr valley, from Duisburg to Hamm, offering a true alternative to commuting by car.

One section between Mülheim/Ruhr and Essen is already complete. This week, the city of Mülheim dedicated the third section of the RS1 as part of the Rhenish Railway cycling trail (Radweg Rheinische Bahn). EASY joined in the celebration – for a reason: the headquarters of EASY SOFTWARE AG are situated directly on the fast cycle route RS1. No wonder that more and more EASY employees have decided to enjoy the benefits of cycling to work. After all, one of the most scenic segments is now open to the public, namely the connection between the main train station in Mülheim and the river Ruhr, leading towards Duisburg across the Mülheim city viaduct on a disused railway line.

All in all, the fast cycle route spirit is already quite noticeable between Mülheim/Ruhr and Essen. As a neighbor, EASY duly celebrated the grand opening and showed its colors in conversation with representatives of politics and media, as well as citizens of Mülheim. Picture: Karola Geiß-Netthöfel (regional director of the Regionalverband Ruhr, or Regional Association Ruhr [RVR], second from the left), Dr. Jan Heinisch (state secretary of the State Construction Ministry, far left), Ulrich Scholten, Mayor of Mülheim (second from the right), as well as Rainer Berndt (far right) and Joachim Brysch (center) of EASY. In particular, the topics of sustainability, climate protection and healthcare were key to this meeting – and, of course, consideration for and good neighborliness with bike highway RS1.