EASY Active Squash Tournament: Fitness first

First spontaneous, then organized: At the beginning of 2017, Alexander Graf (Intex), Andreas Walter and Leif Humpert from EASY SOFTWARE AG met to play squash before the EASY HR Expert Meeting. Since the evening was a lot of fun, as well as good exercise, it wasn’t long before the next session. In November, Intex and EASY invited the participants in the EASY HR Expert Meeting to a rematch in the hunt for the little rubber ball.

In accordance with the motto “HR goes beyond the laptop,” the players mentioned above and Sascha Kaiser (mdt Corporate Group) worked up a good sweat on the squash court for two hours. The four fought tough duels, and in the end Alexander Graf came away as the winner with eight victories in the round robin tournament. Congratulations.

After all that exercise, mdt decided spontaneously, to the pleasure of all competitors, to invite them to a hearty dinner in a Franconian restaurant. “It wasn’t enough for first place on the court today, but now a bit of restitution is called for,” says Sascha Kaiser with a wink.

The unanimous opinion of all involved is that the informal kick-off to the EASY HR Expert Meeting among partners is just as enriching as the exchange of ideas on a wide variety of solutions. So, the obvious conclusion is “Recommended and worth doing again.”