EASY newsletter conversion

Sometimes, change will do you good and can work wonders. That’s why we’re saying goodbye to our old newsletter and will present you the brand-new EASY Compact on February 06. With a modern design and topics tailored to your digital business, it will not only keep you on the cutting edge, but also provide you with information that is legally secure and compliant with data protection. After all, the new newsletter also has inner values to offer.

Here’s a topic preview for February 06:

  • Megatrends of tomorrow: How the Internet of Things and Big Data will change your business
  • Exclusive strategy developments at EASY: Learn where we’re headed
  • Well advised: Human resources work of the future with HR 4.0 in SAP

As part of the conversion, we are switching to a new technology and introducing the double opt-in procedure.

This is how it works: As soon as you have signed up for our newsletter, you will receive an e-mail message that will ask you to confirm a second time that you really want to receive the newsletter. That way, we avoid unwanted advertising filling up your in-box. It puts us on the safe side as well, because it will get us readers who really want to read our news. An obvious win-win situation.

You’ll get that and a whole lot more in the new EASY Compact newsletter if you reregister now.