Experiencing Nature Week: Interaction with nature for children from Mülheim

Events all about nature can be a wonderful thing. The Education Network and Eppinghofen district management, in cooperation with the Office for Children, Youth and School, organized an exhilarating fall vacation week. Exciting excursions all about nature awaited elementary school children from Mülheim. Thanks to support from EASY SOFTWARE AG, the vacation week was free for the children.


Kites want to fly…

Following a group breakfast, the 15 children explored nature with all their senses and a lot of fun and also received answers to a lot of questions. On the first day, they built their own, airworthy kites in a kite workshop and then flew them on a playground. “Sustainability and environmental awareness are very important to our company. We are especially glad to be able to offer elementary school children the opportunity to discover nature in a fun way and to acquire some basic knowledge. At this point, I’d like to offer tremendous praise for the Experiencing Nature Week, which once again had a wonderful program,” says EASY company spokesperson Joachim Brysch, who visited the kite workshop himself.


… water wants to flow

At the Aquarius water museum, the children learned about the wet element’s properties. They got to try their hands as budding scientists in experiments involving water. Then it was up, up and away to investigate the water tower. On the third day, the kids explored the forest and its terrestrial inhabitants in the forest school. They reconstructed a tree and were amazed at how many everyday objects are made from wood.


A spin with the fire truck

The fourth day brought a hot trip to the fire department. The children learned a lot worth knowing about fire. As a highlight, the group got to take a spin in the fire truck. On the last day of the week’s vacation, parents and siblings also got to participate in a visit to Haus Ruhrnatur in Mülheim. There, the children and their parents gained interesting insights into the interaction between the natural elements. EASY also provided a sweet surprise at the end of this educational and exciting vacation: the mobile Kiez-Café from PIA-Stadtdienste and the “Netzwerk der Generationen” brought muffins and cocoa. Probably not the only reason that you saw beaming children’s faces wherever you looked, but certainly one of them…
A little background on the campaign: EASY SOFTWARE AG set up a donation box at their main office in Mülheim/Ruhr during the 2016 holiday season, which met with great approval from employees. EASY staff collected a total of € 2,100 – which was presented to the employees of Eppinghofen district management in the form of a check by EASY executives Willy Cremers and Thorsten Eska in late January. By the way, both vacation weeks in 2017 were completely sold out. And EASY SOFTWARE AG will continue their commitment to Mülheim elementary school children in 2018.