Strengthen and practice compliance culture: the new EASY COMPLIANCE MANAGER will help

Driven by the increasing security expectations of business partners and customers as well as new legal regulations, more and more companies must create control systems which reduce fundamental compliance risks and identify possible gaps early on.

Increasing compliance observance is a crucial factor in this, including risk minimization and transparency about possible cases, but above all the unalterable documentation of all compliance-relevant data.

This is where the EASY SOFTWARE AG COMPLIANCE MANAGER goes to work. It enables your employees to collect compliance-relevant data, be sure of compliance rules, and obtain approval from supervisors or compliance officers if necessary. This can also be done quickly and easily on mobile devices – and it enables you to anchor compliance rules broadly in the company. Compliance culture in practice.

The Compliance Manager in action

You define the compliance-relevant data and provide them to your employees through the Compliance Manager. This measure alone increases the perception of compliance rules and makes them tangible in day-to-day work.

After the recording of a compliance case, rules control whether supervisors or compliance officers are integrated into the process, thus creating transparency and trackability of the decision. Every compliance-relevant case is thus documented and remains trackable.

The history at a glance – designing the future

Meaningful reporting functions allow you to recognize trends and identify hot spots. That way, you can focus your attention and activities on relevant topics.

A handle on compliance

As a Cloud-based application, the Compliance Manager can be put to use quickly and is easily adapted to your needs. It can also be integrated into almost every system landscape. Mobile use enables simple integration into the daily work processes of your employees and managers. Curious? Talk to us about the advantages the Compliance Manager offers to your company.