EASY CLOUD PLATFORM – XCERRA improves global Accounts Payable operations

Xcerra Corporation is the parent company of four powerful global brands, atg-Luther & Maelzer, Everett Charles Technologies, LTX-Credence, and Multitest. These companies have been supplying innovative products and services to the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing in industry for more than 30 years.

Xcerra has separate legal entities in USA, Europe and ASIA all running disparate ERP solutions. Their leadership established the goal to operate their decentralized accounts payable organizations using one single efficient cost-effective solution.
Frank Emerson, Vice President of Information Technologies states: “As many companies, we were challenged in our Accounts Payable departments with time-consuming processes of coding invoices, scanning and routing them via email to various approvers. This process lacked visibility into real-time reporting. The complexity of the accounts payable process is compounded by the global distribution of our subsidiaries and their company specific ERP solutions. Upon our research, we found the EASY CLOUD model that seamlessly integrates into multiple interfaces. The actual cost of the system is tied 100% to its usage, resulting in zero financial risk.”

This new cloud pay-per-use model enables Xcerra to easily distribute the costs over several legal entities. During the initial project, the customer took a pragmatic approach and purposely decided to go live at a very early stage, knowing that any missed bugs or undefined approval processes would be identified and resolved quickly. The next step is a go-live in other subsidiaries in Germany, followed by operations in ASIA, Penang Malaysia.
After experiencing what can be done for Accounts Payable, Xcerra plans to also streamline order processing. EASY CLOUD is the perfect tool for any company that needs to operate efficiently and seamlessly across many different locations and platforms.