EASY for SAP en CasaLuker de Colombia – Un caso de éxito de las soluciones de ECM integradas a SAP de EASY Software

Bogotá D.C., diciembre de 2015.  EASY Software se enorgullece en compartir que CasaLuker, una de las más grandes e importantes compañías productoras de café y cacao en Colombia, ha implementado en 2014 con total éxito la solución de ECM – Gestión Electrónica de Documentos y Archivo integrada a SAP, EASY for SAP, tal como se […]

La Bolsa de Valores de Karachi Selecciona a EASY

EASY SOFTWARE INC, proveedor de soluciones de ECM, hoy ha anunciado que la Bolsa de Valores de Karachi seleccionó a EASY SOFTWARE para cubrir sus actuales necesidades de Gestión Documental. Karachi Stock Exchange Limited (KSE) es la bolsa de valores más grande y de mayor liquidez de Pakistán. Fundada en 1949, KSE usa un moderno […]

Doble Triunfo para EASY en los Prestigiosos Premios “Document Management 2015 Awards”

EASY SOFTWARE, el proveedor más importante de soluciones de Gestión Electrónica de Documentos en Europa, hoy ha anunciado que ganó doble premio en el “Document Management 2015 Awards” organizado por DM Magazine. La empresa fue seleccionada por sus pares de la industria de Gestión Electrónica de Documentos como el “Producto del Año en la categoría […]

EASY SOFTWARE AG is an OEM partner of ILC Technologies GmbH

EASY SOFTWARE AG is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of ILC Technologies GmbH. EASY will eventually integrate the smart ILC software as an OEM component under the name of Discovery with its ECM Suite.   Smart information supply ILC extends the EASY SOFTWARE solution portfolio primarily in regard to strategic information supply for customers. Using […]

Europe soon paperless?

„Europe without paper?“ The online edition of the Huffington Post recently asked this question and gave some examples that prove: Europe will never make it without paper, simply because the use of raw materials belongs to our cultural heritage. Less paper? Yes, that could be something.   Europe-wide digitising initiatives The article delivers heaps of […]

Sense or nonsense? ECM meets virtual reality

The combination of virtual reality and enterprise content management is currently being tested at the University of Bielefeld. The goal is to optimise information management in companies as well as to better link physically existing and digital documents with information media.   First use cases tested The first application scenarios are said to be quite […]

Small and Medium-Sized Company IT: There Is Plenty to Do!

A recent study has taken a carefully considered look at small and medium-sized companies in France, Germany and the UK and found: Decision-makers worry whether their current IT can keep pace with the development of market and legislative requirements. This leads to the conclusion: IT needs to be simple and less complex. That’s the order […]