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Enterprise Mobility: Mobility Boosts Productivity

One current study is taking a look at the status of implementation and the advantages of enterprise mobility. The study’s architects restricted their investigation to companies in the United States and Great Britain. However, the results are still interesting – and provide some information on the extent to which companies can benefit from enterprise mobility. […]

Digitisation Meets Species Conservation: Documentation Work Where You Don’t Expect It

Today, we are going to take an admittedly somewhat exotic journey into the world of digitisation and its consequences. Rosewood trees have been under species conservation protections since the start of this year. To be more specific: more than 300 species of rosewood are now protected. Not all rosewood sub-species are threatened by overexploitation and […]

Cool, or Crazy? More Things than People

Things could get crowded on the Internet of Things (IoT): Experts from analytics firm Gartner are predicting a “population” of 8.4 billion devices that can communicate over the internet by the end of this year. Coffee makers, fitness bracelets, refrigerators, and of course lots of industrial applications – all these devices and more have been […]

Mobile Work: Using Opportunities and Advantages

Ideally, employees and employers would have an equal interest in facilitating mobile work. More and more people are demanding that their employers give them the ability to move freely and participate in company processes on the go. Digitisation is changing processes, as we all know, along with our own workflows and framework conditions. However, this […]

Digitization strategies in organizations: Germany still lagging behind

The pace of digitizing business is advancing. These are clear signs: digital workflows, sacrificing paper, integrating the cloud into enterprise processes, and an ever-increasing natural use of mobile devices. However, German employees are skeptical about their employers choosing the right approach to these topics. At least a survey conducted by a large staffing agency suggests […]

The cloud – Potential as a productivity center

More often than not, many organizations view migrating company applications, archives and backups in terms of costs. Basically, this a not a bad idea because it allows organizations to save resources when upgrading to the cloud.  But if you consider only the cost factor when choosing your provider, you fail to recognize the real potential […]