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Forward Thinker Lounge: How to Make The Future Fun

The Forward Thinker Lounge at EASY WORLD 2016 was great fun. We would like to thank our guests very much for their candid discussions, creative ideas, and the serious thinking they did about the future. We took a journey together into the year 2030. In 14 years, we will know how close our ideas came […]

What’s „Responsive Design“ actually about?

Does this sound familiar to you? You are opening a Website using your smartphone. The font is so tiny that you’d have to have eagle eyes to read it. And anyone past the years of early childhood has fingers too thick to hit a button. So you start zooming. You constantly have to scroll from […]

The Challenge of Big Data: Knowing What’s Important

The topic of Big Data has been enjoying increased interest in the press, the economy, and in research for quite some time. But it’s not without its controversies: both ethical and moral issues continue to come up for discussion time and again. For example, there is the concern that the mass collection of data may […]