Software for the digital transformation comes from Mülheim

Business Break at EASY SOFTWARE AG / 60 Mülheim entrepreneurs and managers in dialog In the future, one million invoices per year – regardless of whether by mail, email, or fax – will be handled in a mid-sized company by a computer completely automatically. That means, the invoices will be recorded, processed, forwarded, and archived. […]

EASY meets mixed reality HoloLens

Mixed, augmented, and virtual reality – all red hot buzzwords which are stirring up the IT industry right now. Trainees and work students at EASY SOFTWARE have been exploring in practice how mixed reality can be used with the Microsoft HoloLens in industry, for example. What is mixed reality? The term describes a mix of […]

Corporate social responsibility: Spring awakening thanks to EASY

Social and ecological action play an important role at EASY. Our corporate social responsibility activities include, among other things, the sponsorship of socially disadvantaged elementary school children in Mülheim-Eppinghofen, a district in the immediate neighborhood of our company headquarters. Just as last year, a donation from EASY allowed the district administration of Eppinghofen to set […]

Process optimization 4.0: material master data at the core

The digital networking of the business world is taking off: productivity is increasing, new business models are developing. It is a matter of mastering complex processes and efficiently designing and automating procedures. Digitization and automation: clear advantages Take logistics as an example: Production and logistics processes should be more and more closely and intelligently networked […]

Service Apps: make the most out of added service value with mobile

Good services guarantee a continuous benefit for customers. And a sophisticated range of services offers many advantages. Companies are able to… ·           … clearly stand out from the competition ·           … successfully retain customers ·           …reduce costs ·           … communicate expertise ·           … motivate their employees The dovetailing of production and service through information and […]