“Taxi, please” – How the innovation of taxi apps disrupted an entire industry

Disruption is always a topic for discussion in connection with digitization. A disruptive innovation frequently emerges from a niche, has a groundbreaking effect on the market, and gradually and irreversibly pushes aside existing and successful business models – often an entire industry. This is happening right now with taxi companies, which are being turned upside […]

Digitization 4.0: AI, the Internet of Things – and ECM?

In the last part of this blog series, I focused on the potentially disruptive character of digitization. Today and in the final part of the series, I’ll be looking at more recent developments in technology – although artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things aren’t really all that new. However, these technologies have gained more […]

Export archive documents


The term „archive“ evokes characteristics such as „outmoded“ or „obsolete“ in many people. But archiving business-related documents is one of the most important topics of the IT world, which is why, in our case, the „outmoded“ and „obsolete“ characteristics are clearly inappropriate. In our context, an archive is not a dumping ground for documents. And […]

Material master data in SAP

Creating material master data in SAP – easily and efficiently

Maintaining the material master data in SAP is a substantial and complicated task – and often an imposition for casual users of SAP. The material master data are like the red blood cells of a company. If they are flawed, important functions such as the purchasing process, production, or delivery to customers could be stalled. […]

Potential of digital HR

HR and digitization: The undiscovered potential

In terms of their degree of digitization, enterprises in different industries are on greatly varying levels. While some, insurance companies for example, are already well along in digitizing their business processes, businesses in other industries are still catching up. They all have one thing in common: they cannot escape the digital transformation. And they often […]