Potential of digital HR

HR and digitization: The undiscovered potential

In terms of their degree of digitization, enterprises in different industries are on greatly varying levels. While some, insurance companies for example, are already well along in digitizing their business processes, businesses in other industries are still catching up. They all have one thing in common: they cannot escape the digital transformation. And they often […]

Archive, DMS, ECM, etc. – clearing up the alphabet soup

To be honest, the IT industry’s vocabulary is an almost impenetrable jungle for outsiders: enigmatic abbreviations and terms, often used synonymously, that keep changing with trends and fashion. This is also true for our industry, which is why we are going to make a small attempt at defining some terms today – at least for the […]

Mobile Work with Enterprise Mobility. Man writes on Laptop.

Mobile work in the company: How to generate benefits

Advances in digitization are bringing challenges regarding mobile work. How can you meet these challenges? Learn how you can profitably establish the mobile workplace in your company. The future of mobile work How about staying home today and working from there? Or what if you are on a business trip and still want to approve […]

Digitalisierung aus unternehmensinter Perspektive

Digitization 4.0 from an internal company perspective

The first part of this article focused on the horizontal processes in companies. Now we switch to vertical processes in the context of Digitization 4.0. In addition, I want to take a moment to discuss the potentially disruptive character of digitization – using an example from one industry. Then I will take a look at […]

Digitization in the snow – how to face the digital transformation without stress

“That’s the way we’ve always done it,” is the wail you hear from many a company these days when the subject of digitization comes up. Digitization means change – and we had gotten so nicely accustomed to everything. As befits the holiday season, a heavy snowfall then disrupts the power of habit. But what does […]