Neue Partner v. l. n. r.: Carsten Werrner (EASY), Willy Cremers (Vorstand EASY), Fabian Henrichsen (Geschäftsführer ILC Technologies), Thomas Cziesla (EASY)

EASY SOFTWARE AG is an OEM partner of ILC Technologies GmbH

EASY SOFTWARE AG is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of ILC Technologies GmbH. EASY will eventually integrate the smart ILC software as an OEM component under the name of Discovery with its ECM Suite.


Smart information supply

ILC extends the EASY SOFTWARE solution portfolio primarily in regard to strategic information supply for customers. Using a smart system, it ensures that all relevant information is available on a central interface regardless of whether it comes from internal systems or external data sources on a customer, project or document. This allows significantly minimizing search times and formulating processes in a considerably more effective and successful way.


Premiere at EASY World 2015

Carsten Werner (Head of Partner Management at EASY), Willy Cremers (EASY CEO), Fabian Henrichsen (Managing Director of ILC Technologies), and Thomas Cziesla (Head of Portfolio Management at EASY, from left to right)  concluded their future collaboration at the EASY SOFTWARE premises in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany. EASY will publicly present Discovery for the first time on September 23, 2015 at the EASY World 2015 event at Stadthalle (Guildhall) Mülheim an der Ruhr. EASY SOFTWARE AG and ILC Technologies GmbH are already looking forward to this premiere date and to a successful and long-term partnership alliance.

Project Management: The Groundhog Greets Everyday

Some things do not change. For example, the cycle of the seasons or the fluctuation of ebb and flood are fairly constant affairs. Some things, however could well change. It would even be desirable if they did. Only: You don’t do it. If you look at the current success rate in project management determined by the Project Management Institute (PMI), it can remind you of the Hollywood film mentioned in the title.


More than every third project fails

Just as Bill Murray experienced the same day over and over again in the film “Groundhog Day”, PMI has been bringing the same customers for years. In January 2015, its survey of 2500 IT project managers resulted – once again – in the number 64. A number that is set in stone. Even in previous years there was always 64 percent of all projects in the world that led to the desired success. Thus, more than one-third of all projects fail.


Corporate culture is missing

In particular, the study continually blames the stalemate on the absence of project success promoting enterprise culture. Successful companies attach importance to fostering talent and the right way of thinking. Another point: There is a lack of transparency, knowledge is not shared, information is not available to all project participants. According to PMI, institutionalised knowledge management is in demand.


Yes there is no DMS?

It would be interesting to make a follow-up study: Which of the companies surveyed actually have IT tools that efficiently organise knowledge and information and provide for everything? Tools that allow cooperation even across borders and time zones? Of course, nobody asks. But that’s not really bad either. That document management systems and automated workflows can be a powerful tool to place project participants in a position to concentrate on the essentials and achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently, and to document what has been achieved, is ultimately just as sure as ebb followed by flood. The groundhog says hello!

Pre-Release of EASY ECM Suite: Less Complexity, More Benefits

At Partner Information Day on January 27, 2015, EASY lifted the veil on EASY ECM Suite for the first time and presented its key features. The following 22 weeks will be dominated by preparations for pre-releasing the first „complete suite“ in 25 years of company history.

22 weeks

22 weeks is not a long time – at least not when you consider how much has been on the agenda of colleagues participating in EASY. Finally, it is necessary among other things to implement feedback, suggestions and requests that EASY’s team partners provided on January 27.

And the team delivered: On June 30, 2015, the start of marketing coincided with the webcast about pre-release 15.1. Everything needed for this is now ready: The pre-release itself with which the partner can explore the solution; new training modules, extranet which acts as a central communication and deployment platform for partners and last but not least a radically simplified and purged price list with new billing models.


ECM Suite technology transformed into benefits

Thomas Cziesla, Head of Portfolio Management at EASY, brought it in a nutshell to the partner event on June 30: ECM Suite technology transformed into benefits. Thus, webcast viewers were impressed by the presentations that concentration on a few – thereby central – DMS modules leads to a high degree of integration and is clearly more user-friendly.


Simple Setup

This starts with the setup: A clear and quick installation routine for EASY modules, third-party applications and relational database – more is simply not necessary. In just 30 to 40 minutes all components are installed, including standard base configurations.


Client with Responsive Design

Another example: The new Client. The central control element based on HTML 5 is thanks to responsive design fully mobile capable and comes with small changes, so that it is a great value proposition. It allows direct access to edit boxes without going through an „edit button“ and has a drop zone for file attachments.


Price list takes paradigm shift

More clarity, greater benefits and simplicity – what EASY ECM Suite promises applies consequently also for the pricing model. Therefore, from now there is a new price list. It replaces the old price list for a transitional period through October. The idea was to develop a price list that the customer only needs to open in order to know what investment it makes. No sooner said than done: With EASY ECM Suite, EASY has shelved the single- and multi-user models. Now there is only a single Client, whether for archiving dms-function.


Planning made easy

New features include four different large-sized business packages with quotas for users, documents and workflows that can be expanded flexibly on interfaces to ERP or additional functionalities. It’s never been easier for the end user to plan its present and future needs. Furthermore, planning and implementing projects should be significantly more efficient with the new price list.


Future goal faster

The pre-release has proven: EASY ECM Suite brings together all major DMS functionalities in one powerful and efficient, perfectly coordinated package. It provides significant improvements and more quality. It allows planning projects faster than previously and directing them to the goal.


Export archive documents

Salesforce World Tour 2015: EASY Shows Cloud Archiving

Premiere in Munich: For the first time, in the context of Salesforce World 2015 on July 2, 2015, there was an opportunity to get to know EASY Archive for Salesforce.

Again this year, Salesforce World Tour in Munich was a highlight event of the cloud industry with more than 4,000 participants. It is clear that EASY had to be there with its exciting debut of Easy Archive for Salesforce, which was met with great response and curiosity by interested parties and partners in the field of System Integration (SI) and Integrated Solution Vendor (ISV).


Reliable solution by EASY

Of course, the German market leader for Enterprise Content Management systems supports all cutting-edge IT concepts and therefore document-intensive business processes that extend beyond the boundaries of traditional premise IT into the cloud. EASY Archive for Salesforce™ offers the perfect solution for archiving your business-critical documents reliably. Unlimited flexibility regarding the number of users and storage volume on a pay-per-use basis helps each company tailor its investment to its individual requirements. EASY takes over the archiving for you.


Legally compliant storage

In Munich, the first pilot customers have had the opportunity to use EASY’s pioneering solution. Later, the archive will be available via Salesforce AppExchange. Incidentally, we take it for granted: EASY works together with certified data centers in Germany, so that safe and prudent storage of your data is guaranteed.


Thanks for the positive Feedback

At this point, a thank you to the numerous visitors who stopped by our exhibit and informed themselves about our ECM solutions. We have received some positive feedback on our „EASY Archive for Salesforce™” application and look forward to the coming months and exciting dialogues with our customers and partners.


Contract management: Up to 41 percent savings through greater efficiency

For many years, the term cost reduction has been part of IT managers‘ basic vocabulary. Indeed, companies today have much higher financial pressures as a result of globalised markets than a few years ago. All the more remarkable that contract optimisation is still often neglected by many companies.


Typical cell phone bill…

You probably also know: Actually, you find your monthly cell phone bill too expensive – but somehow you miss getting the right appointment to shift to a new provider or a different tariff. You have already been stuck in your current tariff for at least twelve months .


Considerable savings potential through workflows

Now that may be all right in private, but a medium-sized company that provides its employees mobile phones and/or other mobile devices already loses substantial savings through lax handling of deadlines. Experts from PricewaterhouseCoopers estimate that effective contract management can reduce global operating costs by two percent. In contract management alone, 41 percent of savings would come from greater efficiency thanks to automated workflows.


The famous small livestock …

It may be a truism, but “even small livestock make manure”. Particularly as similar potentials are hidden in many other fixed-term contracts. From leased company cars to furniture, leased plants, contracts for regular services to the supply of electricity and gas, in any case a field that doesn’t really impel Germans to dynamic change propensity.


„Too much to do“ is not applicable any more

Whoever has been talking their way out of tight deadlines and making excuses for little time or even the abundance of contracts, is in for some bad news. For digital contract management ensures that no deadline is missed and when in doubt, can be renegotiated for more favourable conditions early on. The good thing is that in this way, realised savings are not at the expense of the employees and motivation in the company. And if it is really necessary to drastically save some time, it is at least clear that one has already exhausted all other sources. That alone is already reason enough to implement a corresponding solution

EASY and Cronon Seal Partnership

EASY SOFTWARE AG and Cronon AG are cooperating to allow their customers a convenient and fast connection of Infor LN/Baan systems to advanced document management systems.

Quick transport …

Cronon AG has developed a universal document management interface (uDMS) that is primarily used for EASY customers to link document management systems (DMS) easily and quickly to Infor LN/Baan systems. Different DMS workflow components can also be connected using uDMS.

… Up to the full implementation

Apart from connecting by means of uDMS to Infor LN/Baan, Cronon assumes complete implementation of EASY document management systems. First launches by customers are already planned.

Value for customers

„Partnering with EASY means a user-friendly and above all fast connection of Infor LN/Baan systems to advanced document management systems for our customers. This is an added value for our customers, who can use it to manage their documents in and out of Infor LN/Baan more effectively,“ say Eduard Postrak and Ingo Wollschläger, members of the Cronon Executive Board and Head of Cronon AG’s ERP consulting for future cooperation with EASY.

Optimising document-based processes

On the basis of state-of-the-art technologies, EASY SOFTWARE AG offers user-oriented document management software for major operating systems, working environments and file formats. At the same time, EASY is able to provide a tailored solution for optimising document-based processes for every industry and companies of all sizes.

EASY webcast: Email archiving can be this easy

On 24th July 2015 at 11 am, as part of our series of EASY webcasts, we will be showing you how you can use EASY for Exchange to archive your business emails simply and reliably.

Does a large part of communication within your company take place via email? Do you use emails for internal communications between departments and to approve critical business processes? Then look forward to our webcast on EASY for Exchange 1.0. Discover how all emails in your company can be stored in compliance with the law.

Register now to participate in the free EASY for Exchange 1.0 webcast by clicking here.

Intrigued? Tomorrow we will be showing you how you can use EASY RECORDS for HR to manage your personnel files easily and securely, and how you can manage applicants faster and more efficiently. This webcast will also start at 11 am. Click here to register. Please note that this information is currently available only in German language.

EASY ECM Suite: New product launched

Der Startschuss für die neue EASY ECM Suite ist gefallen: Am vergangenen Dienstag haben wir die Partner der EASY SOFTWARE AG über alle wichtigen Daten und Fakten rund um den Pre-Release der EASY ECM Suite 15.1 informiert.


Premiere for a suite

This is also a premiere for EASY: For the first time in our company history, we are offering a suite. But we gladly took on this challenge because, as Thomas Cziesla, Manager Portfolio Management at EASY, said: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. In other words, consistently merging historically grown products and new approaches turned out to be a major challenge.


Great potential, and a clear mission

This merging serves a good cause. After all, the new EASY ECM Suite provides the potential for establishing itself in enterprises as a key information hub – in the sense of an integrative platform for enterprise content management – and particularly for optimizing document-intensive business processes. The EASY ECM Suite facilitates and provides, among others:

  • Reproducing the complete life cycle of documents in enterprises
  • Extensive functionality and intuitive use
  • Deep integration capability with the respective system environment
  • Rich user experience
  • Flexible file structures
  • Transparent representation of all relevant information in enterprises
  • Capable interfaces


High usability

Our new Web client essentially contributes to the EASY ECM Suite’s extraordinary usability. During its development, there was a special focus was on questions of how to install software more conveniently and how to customize is more easily? Our answer: EASY Setup and activities for deeper integration of Archive in DMS.


That which belongs together will grow together

Moreover, for the EASY ECM Suite we merge functions that belong together. This means that we are moving away from piecemeal features towards individual solution packages which already include all relevant functionalities. So in the future, for example, the LDAP functionality will always be automatically included when it comes to digitizing business processes.


Entry level Best Practice

With our Best Practice solutions, we provide, moreover, different entry levels for our customers. This means that we offer EASY SOFTWARE customers an economic and attractive entry into the ECM world without incurring tremendous costs for step-by-step rollout. Thus, for instance, we will in future provide individual workflows. This allows our customers to digitize their initial business process already requiring minimum investment – with digitizing the next process to follow six months later, for example. So our customers are themselves in control of both speed and degree of digitization, given maximum flexibility.


More information about the EASY ECM Suite

More information about the new EASY ECM Suite can be found on our Website at as well as – for EASY partners – on our extranet at More details and actual contents on the EASY ECM Suite will follow, e.g. at EASY World 2015 on September 22 and 23, 2015 at Stadthalle (Guildhall) Mülheim, Germany. See you!


VDAV sector meeting 2015: Success factors for business

About 450 directors and managers from some 150 member companies and numerous guests met in the capital to share experiences, learn about new developments in workshops and discuss success factors for their own businesses. More than 30 different lectures, workshops and practical forums about key trends, developments and conditions for management, marketing and sales were on offer. EASY SOFTWARE AG was also an active participant in the event. On the subject of practical tools, Olaf Westmeier, EASY SOFTWARE AG Key Account Manager, lectured about „Streamlining Processes.“


Exhibition included

While the strategy panels, experts and practitioners discussed or lectured about future conditions and business models, new services, need for content or the Internet, the practical tools were about cooperation, best practice examples from other industries and concrete offers to further optimise individual operations or sales. Accompanying the industry meeting, the VDAV Trade Fair 2015 was held at the Maritim Hall. Here, service directory media industry providers and suppliers presented their products, services and services.

SIV User Conference: Milestones of the Market

„Fit for Change“ was the theme of this year’s SIV User Conference. The look into the future for SIV’s customers and partners offered a whole cornucopia of topics: The digital workplace of the future, smart metering and gateway administration, attractive cloud solutions, profitable business models for network and sales, planning, IT security and compliance, certification and process services were just a few of the focal points in Rostock and Roggentin.

As was expected, industry-specific requirements of water and sewage management were of increasing importance – with a plenary on the first day of the conference, a strategy workshop and additional opportunities for intensive discussion. The approximately 250 participants animatedly took advantage of this opportunity, for example to talk about the new Smart Flat for water and sewage management and usage scenarios outlined in the Cloud.


Focus on digital change

Participants were agreed that efficient, secure and transparent management of business processes was getting more and more important. Numerous presentations and break-out sessions provided information about meaningful and effective solutions. On the subject „Digital Change and EASY’s Position,“ EASY Officer Willy Cremers spoke in his speech on the one hand about his experiences of change and thus the transformation at EASY SOFTWARE AG itself, and on the other hand about the overall economic development and the energy sector in particular.


Recognize potentials

EASY Key Account Manager Matthias Höfelmeyer’s contribution „FIT for Change – Digitalisation is Coming!“ also proved to be popular.. Based on so-called pyramid digitalisation, participants could inter alia make an individual bottleneck analysis and thus mention very clearly which corporate divisions have what potential in terms of digitalisation. Besides the professional exchange, there was plenty of entertainment. „Schuster’s Beach Bar“ in Warnemünde provided great atmosphere for the evening, as well as live music, DJ, food and drink.