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Filling process gaps intelligently: EASY piloting a modular system

This is a familiar picture in many companies: quite a few business processes show process gaps. But what if it were possible to link varying systems and processes so that the process flow didn’t stall? What if existing systems could be supplemented by intelligent standard modules that provide optimum flow? EASY is working on that, […]

Purchase2Pay: EASY closes gaps in the SAP environment

Procurement processes tend to be rather complex for many businesses that use SAP. EASY PCM solutions reduce the level of complexity and support employees in becoming more mobile and working faster and more efficiently, while also creating more transparency. Depending on the installation, this is already possible without gap, from purchase requisition to invoice, as […]

“Pain points are the driving force, strategies are the cure.”

At EASY WORLD 2017, the Innovation Lounge was introduced as a forum for the digital transformation of businesses. How does that even work? What needs to be considered? Why a digital agenda? Thomas Cziesla and Gottfried Oster of the EASY strategy consulting branch “beyond” discussed these questions, among others, with many visitors of Innovation Lounge. […]

Easy World Cloud Platform

EASY WORLD 2017: A universe of customer solutions

Infinity as an eye-catcher… a countdown appeared on three screens at once in the Stadthalle Mülheim: 3-2-1-0 – and liftoff. The journey into the universe has begun. Planets drift by among the stardust. But one thing above all is clearly “visible”: infinite space. Boundless digitization – the concept reminds us of the unlimited depths of […]

EASY Cloud Platform – helping businesses master digital transformation

Starting immediately, EASY SOFTWARE AG will support businesses in digital transformation via the EASY Cloud Platform. It integrates existing infrastructures with the help of native Cloud applications and interfaces, connecting people, processes, and systems. The simple idea behind this is to offer people what they want for everyday business life: easy, mobile solutions anywhere using […]

Digitisation Takes a Plan

Risk, or opportunity? The digital transformation is opening up new markets and facilitating new business models, but it’s also accelerating the pace of business and increasing both data volumes and competition. A good thing for companies that have a plan for digitisation.   Digitisation Can’t Be Stopped “Digitisation is unstoppable. It’s moving forward, and shaping […]