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EASY Cloud Archive:

legally compliant archiving, easier than ever.

Just relax.

EASY Cloud Archive is archiving for you.

‚Safety first‘ is especially important when it comes to retaining documents under the terms of GoBD. After all, revision-proof storage means legal certainty for businesses. But who says that GoBD-compliant archiving needs to be complicated? EASY Cloud Archive allows you to handle documents that are subject to mandatory retention in accordance with statutory regulation. You will have all your records available at any time – stored in German data centers and full-text searchable. You can look forward to improved efficiency… enhanced security… better cooperation within your team… and less effort needed.

Minimal effort

EASY Cloud Archive is preconfigured and will be up and running right away, because the EASY archiving assistant takes care of your file storage. All you do is define the data sources and folders within your systems from where files are to be uploaded automatically. Subsequently, you and all authorized persons will have safe access to your data stored in the EASY Cloud at any time via a web client.

Intuitive and powerful

The web client is handled intuitively. All authorizations – from regular users to administrators – can be set up in no time. Collaboration tools such as comments, notes, and much more are available for documents and folders – at the touch of a button.

Searchable word for word

EASY Cloud Archive lets you categorize all your records and automatically prepares the data for full-text research, allowing you to retrieve any document without delay. Thanks to a powerful OCR engine, this works with all standard file formats.

Revision-proof and traceable

The EASY Cloud Archive is certified and guarantees that it is impossible to tamper with the stored files. To establish revision proofness, an unalterable activity log records all transmissions, modifications, and deletions of files. The dual control principle prevents the accidental deletion of data.

Highly available and safe

EASY Cloud Archive uses high availability servers in German data centers. Documents are stored based on the German Data Protection Act. The archive and all transmission paths are protected from unauthorized access through efficient encryption.

Accessible from anywhere

Shortly after the initial setup, all authorized team members will be able to access the records and documents stored in the EASY Cloud Archive, share documents, and process them jointly. Even on the go – because EASY Cloud Archive works not only on desktop PCs, but on iOS devices as well.

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