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Invoice processing comes with a blessing: INVOICE workshop met with great appeal among participants

Residenz Uhlenhorst is a top-class address for events in the Ruhr valley. An EASY workshop on automated invoice processing took place in its former chapel. Some of the visitors came from afar – and none of the participants were disappointed with regard to their expectations.
At the beginning of the event, people were faced with a huge problem: The number of visitors exceeded that expected, so additional seats had to be found. Richard Luckow, EASY Division Manager, Direct Sales, finally welcomed 40 participants in the former chapel at Residenz Uhlenhorst. After a welcome snack in the open air, which duly ended when it began to rain, EASY specialists in various fields provided information about all aspects of automated invoice processing. Â
A lot of participant knowledge, and active sharing of information
Right from the start, the event was marked by active sharing of information among all those present. So the presenters’ explanations were followed by numerous questions on the part of the participants, with the EASY specialists devoting plenty of time to answering them. “The quality of the questions asked by the participants is indicative of their pre-existing knowledge,” said Richard Luckow. He continued: “This promoted efficient and productive sharing of information among all participants. Given this result, I’m very satisfied with this event.”Â

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