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Out of the document jungle – into the digital invoice receipt process

We’ve been hearing about the “paperless office” for ages. With electronic incoming invoice processing from EASY SOFTWARE, you are counting on the right solution at the right time. Gains in efficiency and transparency are waiting for you – in the digital invoice receipt process. Get started now.

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Digital Incoming Invoice Processes

Learn more about how automated incoming invoice processing works, find out about advantages, legal requirements, future-proof invoice formats and how you can avoid stumbling blocks with digital incoming invoice processing.

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Our dates about the topic of electronic invoice receipt

  • Transparency:
    Status of the incoming invoices, change steps, and processing persons at a glance, any time
  • Legally compliant:
    EASY Invoice supports the complete process history management, thus reproducing the crucial legal requirements of the GoBD
  • Secure:
    Proxy and substitute rules can be set for absences due to vacation or illness
  • Location independent:
    The mobile invoice approval via smartphone or tablet allows maximum flexibility thanks to verification processes that are independent of time and location
  • Planning security:
    Effective planning of the cash flow is provided by the digital incoming invoice processing – the resulting transparency allows an always current overview at any time
  • Environmentally friendly:
    Do away with paper and file folders
  • Cost savings:
    Lean processes; always have an eye on deadlines for prospective discounts and possible notice periods.

Discover potentials in the incoming invoice process

Compared to traditional, paper-based incoming invoices, electronic incoming invoice processing in business use offers only advantages. You will be surprised – once you have switched to automated invoice processing, you’ll never miss the old method. Let’s get digital.

Clean structure

Digitize the incoming invoice process with the following effect: In the course of the implementation, the process will be cleanly structured. All digital information from the incoming invoice process can be viewed at any time by authorized people in the department. That way, you always have an eye on the history and the further pathway of the incoming invoice.

Reduce time

Reduction of the processing time for incoming invoices to a minimum thanks to the automated incoming invoice processing. Up to the fully automatic posting of invoices is possible.

Simple release

EASY Invoice uses rule sets in order to establish approval processes for the digitization of invoices. From the four-eyes principle for invoice approval above a specific amount to automated notifications. As a result, you reduce time-consuming verification and approval processes to the absolutely necessary with EASY Invoice.

No duplicates

Avoid the widespread problem of multiple records of invoices. The EASY Invoice solution for electronic incoming invoice processing supports you in comparing the invoice’s header data with the data from the connected ERP and Fibu systems.

The 5 steps of digital incoming invoice processing with the EASY Invoice software

Record incoming invoices:

Record incoming invoices:

No matter if the invoice is paper-based or arrives by email as a PDF attachment: EASY Invoice independently checks the conformity of every invoice with the GoBD. All necessary invoice contents are determined automatically: invoice header with creditor, total amount, invoice date, and all individual invoice line items.


Workflow for verification and approval

The verification and approval of invoices can be standardized and nevertheless highly flexible to the requirements of the company and the ERP/Fibu system being used. The incoming invoice processing software has a variety of options and function modules available for this. Automatic assignment, efficient verification, and fast approval is the goal. Specific functional roles in the departments with various authorizations are defined in the same way as proxy roles for absence due to vacation or illness.


Workflow for verification and approval
Posting and filing

Posting and filing

The process for posting follows successful invoice verification and approval in electronic invoice processing. EASY Invoice automatically transmits the necessary data for this to the linked ERP system. Since the process has already positively gone through the defined verification process at this point, the posting and payment of the approved invoice in the ERP/Fibu system can typically take place without further user action.


Process monitoring

Cross-department process monitoring creates transparence for the ongoing processes in the electronic incoming invoice processing and helps to spot potential disruptions or delays early. Escalation management ensures that occurring problems are solved automatically in accordance with defined parameters. The process monitoring of the invoice processing supports not only the monitoring of ongoing processers, but also facilitates the retroactive retrieval and analysis of information on the course of closed processes.


Process monitoring
Perfect overview: the dashboard

Perfect overview: the dashboard

EASY Invoice presents the user with the personal, role-dependent dashboard as a starting page. This provides a quick overview of all relevant content. Users can freely configure the dashboard with a variety of predefined gadgets. That way, every user of the invoice processing sees exactly the information which is relevant to them in their daily work. Among other things, the information includes tasks, deadlines, new or last used objects, favorites, and also information on key figures for the department or the company. All of these key figures can be displayed in graphical analyses.


Financial advantages await – see for yourself.

Use our ROI calculator for a quick initial estimate of what financial advantages will emerge from our incoming invoice solution. It’s worth it!

ROI calculator

Learn more about our solution for the incoming invoice process

Questions about automated invoice processing? We have the answers.

You will achieve a significant reduction in costs compared to paper-based invoice processing thanks to a digitized verification and approval workflow. All involved people can learn from the digital workflow what the status of an invoice is, in whose “virtual” hands it currently is, and who initiates the next step for approval. Manual searches, sorting & stamping are things of the past.

As is well known, the options for using discounts are date-linked. The digital workflow helps to meet the corresponding discount periods – automatically and with notifications for the corresponding functional roles. That pays off.

Thanks to the EASY Invoice solution, you will never miss another reminder period. EASY Invoice automatically notifies the designated specialist what must be paid when.

Thanks to the EASY Invoice solution, you will never miss another reminder period. EASY Invoice automatically notifies the designated specialist what must be paid when.

It supports digitized paper invoices, emails with PDF attachment, ZUGFeRD formats 1 and 2, as well XRechnung: a comprehensive format for electronic invoices which can be used for the exchange of invoices between companies, government offices, and consumers. Developed by the Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland (FeRD; Forum for Electronic Invoice Germany).

EASY Invoice has already been successfully integrated in a variety of backend systems in numerous projects. That includes the following systems, among others: Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), Sage, Diamant, FOSS, Datev, Oracle Financials, Infor, Infor AS, SAP® and many more. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific interface with your system.

The EASY Invoice system increases transparency incredibly – the incoming invoice book shows a summary of all incoming invoices and where in the workflow the invoice currently is, regardless of the format and the location where the invoice reached the company.

Every invoice received has a history. This is not paper-based or presentable only with significant effort. Rather, the EASY Invoice system for incoming invoice processing has the option for process history management. This serves for the fast querying of the status of a received invoice at a given time.

Legal compliance is always a priority for a company. The EASY Invoice solution has the prerequisites to achieve legal compliance. EASY Invoice reproduces the following legal requirements: HGB §§ 238, 235, 257, 261; AO §§ 90, 145, 146, 147, 148; UStG §§ 14, 14b, 27, 27b and of course the GoBD (German Principles of Orderly Accounting and Storage of Accounts, Drawings and Documents in Electronic Form and for Data Access).

Employees get sick or take vacations – therefore the software must be able to manage proxy rules. The EASY Invoice solution achieves this with proxy roles which are defined once; you only have to tell the system which people should take on the proxy function.

Fundamentally, the EASY software for digital incoming invoice processing also has fine-grained role and rights management – important, among other reasons, for data protection and other compliance requirements. Not everyone should be able to see everything and certainly not process it.

Everything starts with a self-explanatory, intuitive user introduction. This was and is a leading concept of the EASY SOFTWARE design principle. It is obvious that if that is not provided and the software requires an introduction with a steep learning curve, working with it is no fun.

Yes, the system also allows the use of mobile devices. Therefore, the invoice system also handles mobile invoice approval. As a result, you remain location independent, and employees can work according to their role no matter where they are.

Of course, EASY Invoice supports HTTPS and VPN protocols.

Of course, the Easy Invoice software has a dashboard: the accounting employee always has important key figures available; this simplifies reporting considerably.

Of course, EASY Invoice also supports contract management, EBANF, etc. from the subprocesses of the procurement-to-payment process.

Because of the intuitive operation of the EASY Invoice software, users generally need about 30 minutes of training to be able to use the EASY Invoice solution. Furthermore, EASY SOFTWARE AG offers standard training on the subject of EASY Invoice. In the course of 2 days, the training covers all relevant topics, such as installation, administration, workflow, extraction, etc. You can learn more about this from EASY Academy.

Thanks to EASY, the cycle time for an invoice in our company could be reduced from several days to a few minutes.

Ulrich Fey, Department Manager IT + Services for the Klambt Media Group

EASY Invoice in use – customer references


Invoice receipt as a competitive advantage – The Infiana Group (formerly Huhtamaki Films) implements the invoice management from EASY SOFTWARE AG

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Bild einer Rossmann-Filiale – ein Referenzkunde der EASY SOFTWARE

Dirk Rossmann GmbH

Posting invoices in just one day – Thanks to the software from EASY, employees are able to process invoices significantly faster and more transparently.

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