DSGVO und EASY Produkt Archive Smart

GDPR: Keep calm and carry out

On May 25, 2018, the transitional period comes to an end and the EU-GDPR will be mandatory throughout the European Union. No reason to bury your head in the sand. Instead, you should create the prerequisites for successful implementation, step by step – with a good plan and realistic approaches. We have summarized the most […]

EASY SOFTWARE auf der Hannover Messe 2018

Hannover Messe 2018: EASY SOFTWARE offers innovative solutions for industry

The digital networking of the business world is in full swing – and will soon once again astound you at the Hannover Messe. There, numerous companies will present their ideas and solutions for mastering complex processes and efficiently designing and automating procedures. EASY SOFTWARE AG will be there as well. You can find us at […]

Strengthen and practice compliance culture: the new EASY COMPLIANCE MANAGER will help

Driven by the increasing security expectations of business partners and customers as well as new legal regulations, more and more companies must create control systems which reduce fundamental compliance risks and identify possible gaps early on. Increasing compliance observance is a crucial factor in this, including risk minimization and transparency about possible cases, but above […]

Wachsendes Cloud Geschäft EASY SOFTWARE

Off to the Cloud: Our own subsidiary for the growing app business

• EASY Mobile Service GmbH founded • Cooperation with app specialist econsor mobile GmbH • Reaction to growing demand EASY SOFTWARE has founded its own subsidiary for the development of mobile applications. EASY Mobile Service GmbH opened for business in February and develops specific app solutions for customers, based on the EASY Cloud Platform. With […]

Blockchain -

IT trends 2018 – Blockchain among the top ten topics

According to a Bitkom study, for the first time, the key technology blockchain is one of the ten most important trend topics in the digital industry in Bitkom’s annual trend survey for 2018. Truly an exciting subject. The blockchain – a promising future? 26 percent of the surveyed representatives from the IT and telecommunications industry […]

Project management with a difference – special requirements for an aid organization

What are the requirements of a customer with over 2,000 years of tradition and a global sphere of action? At EASYtalk 2018, Roland Illigmann from Reindel & Puchta Systemhaus GmbH reported on ancient archives, unequal conditions, and priests with no email access. The project management for an international Catholic aid organization was as challenging as […]

Tradition is not a business model

“People don’t want to play piano, they want to listen to music.” At the opening of the EASYTalk Conference for Interaction and Dialog in Berlin, Prof. Dr. Axel Winkelmann of the University of Würzburg explained why the focus should absolutely only be on customer value. Based on his own family history in piano building in […]

Into the digital future with Big Data

Data-driven business models are nothing new. However, they are becoming more and more important to the success of a company. Outside of advertising and market research, Big Data and data analytics are now also more interesting for Industry 4.0 and production. Those with the ability to collect and analyze data will be able to develop […]

Stumbling blocks, tips and tricks – CTO Balzuweit report on their projects

“Those aren’t dark circles under our eyes, those are the shadows of the project,” said Andreas Geiger and his colleague Björn Unrath from CTO Balzuweit in Stuttgart, introducing their presentation with a wink. After all, the point at the Partner Barcamp was to enter into a dialog with the audience as part of the EASYTalk […]

EASY Migrations – “We can do it!”

At the Partner Barcamp, the focus was on EASY partners and their experiences in projects. Participants discussed challenges with the audience and exchanged solid tips and tricks. Jaco van Buren, from Ricoh Netherlands, provided insight into their experiences with migrations in recent years. The starting situation at Ricoh: Most customers used EASY ENTERPRISE.i (EE.i), others […]

Partner Forum becomes EASYTalk – conference for interaction & dialogue

This year EASY SOFTWARE AG called its partners to join its kick-off event at Kalkscheune in central Berlin. At the same time, EASY used this event to introduce EASYTalk – conference for interaction and dialogue. The unique ambience of the former machine tool factory subject to heritage accommodated 120 participants. One of the key topics […]

IoT and ECM – more data to be expected!

The ECM industry is facing new challenges. The reason is that the number of applications which produce data and content is steadily growing. According to an IDC study, the volume of data generated globally will grow ten-fold by 2025 – note that this is on the part of companies, not private users. A case for […]

EASY SOFTWARE acquires Systec GmbH

EASY SOFTWARE acquires Systec GmbH

Good news: Systec GmbH has been a part of EASY SOFTWARE AG since January 1, 2018. Founded in 1983, the software company, based in Bielefeld, Germany, has focused on document management and direct customer reference (picture: Thorsten Eska Chairman EASY SOFTWARE AG, Mr and Mrs Claes, Willy Cremers CEO EASY SOFTWARE AG). This expands the sphere […]

Mirroring human resources in SAP

EASY in the trade press: Mirroring human resources in SAP

The software solutions from EASY SOFTWARE AG are making a splash. Take the February, 2018 edition of the trade magazine IT-Management, for example. In the article “HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN SAP”, Johannes Wienhold explains the advantages and the gain in efficiency from digitized HR work – and its prerequisites. Human resources and the state of […]

EASYTalk 2018/ „Online-Services“ workshop – Cloud & Co., what’s next?

For a good ten years, the subjects of online services, the Cloud, and related topics have been a fixture of the local tech scene. Based on the pointed thesis „Tradition is not a business model“ from Prof. Dr. Winkelmann, EASY experts Marcel Rosenbaum, Sascha Löwer, and Thomas Cziesla posed the question, „What are the challenges […]

EASYTalk 2018 – „Agile Content Marketing“ workshop: Benefitting together

A clear bonus in new and qualified leads – who wouldn’t want that? Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen just like that and in the blink of an eye. That is why the introduction of the new marketing concept “Agile Content Marketing” was the key theme of the marketing workshop at this year’s EASYTalk in Berlin. The […]

EASY heads into digitization full throttle

“The right answer – today for tomorrow,” is the motto of EASY SOFTWARE AG when it comes to the digital transformation. In 2017, EASY successfully concluded the transformation program EASY FIT. Change is a constant. Therefore, with Change Management, EASY created the best prerequisites to continue moving forward and meet the digital transformation just as […]

EASY heads into digitization full throttle

“The right answer – today for tomorrow,” is the motto of EASY SOFTWARE AG when it comes to the digital transformation. In 2017, EASY successfully concluded the transformation program EASY FIT. Change is a constant. Therefore, with Change Management, EASY created the best prerequisites to continue moving forward and meet the digital transformation just as […]

Mobile Work with Enterprise Mobility. Man writes on Laptop.

Mobile work in the company: How to generate benefits

Advances in digitization are bringing challenges regarding mobile work. How can you meet these challenges? Learn how you can profitably establish the mobile workplace in your company. The future of mobile work How about staying home today and working from there? Or what if you are on a business trip and still want to approve […]

Digitalisierung aus unternehmensinter Perspektive

Digitization 4.0 from an internal company perspective

The first part of this article focused on the horizontal processes in companies. Now we switch to vertical processes in the context of Digitization 4.0. In addition, I want to take a moment to discuss the potentially disruptive character of digitization – using an example from one industry. Then I will take a look at […]

Podcast EASY Contract: Digital contracts, fast processes

Let EASY Key Account Manager Florian Cordes whisk you away to the world of EASY Contract. How does modern, digital contract management work? What problems can arise, what are the solutions? Get to know our EASY demo system and the EASY data center in Hamburg and learn how you can access your data, anytime and […]

Change Management: EASY FIT successfully concluded

EASY began the EASY FIT transformation program in 2014 with the goal of optimally supporting our customers and partners with better products and more efficient processes and structures. Along with the improvement of work processes, the program primarily included a future-oriented, long-term change in the thinking and company culture within the EASY Group. Three years […]

Interview with EASY CEO Willy Cremers: „Digitization concerns us, too.“

In an interview with the trade magazine it management, Willy Cremers, CEO of EASY SOFTWARE AG, talked about the requirements for austerity programs, security in the Cloud and the necessity for a digital agenda. Read more here. Note: The text is only available in German.

EASY Cloud Platform – securely use flexible content services in the Cloud via apps

Cloud services, the Cloud, big data. Everyone has been talking about these terms for some time now. What it means for the ECM business, and what advantages companies can gain from the Cloud and content services, is shown in the following example. A little backstory A well-known chocolate manufacturer had to do without the urgently […]

Are you fit for European data protection (EU-GDPR)?

Where do my data actually go? And what options do I have to delete them? The economic importance of data is constantly increasing – the results of which can be felt in many everyday situations. Even if I supply my data sparingly, this cannot be completely avoided. It’s time for another step: a uniform European […]

EASY Hackathon Vol. 3: Expertise meets fun

Coding fun and an exchange of expertise held center stage at this year’s three-day Hackathon at EASY SOFTWARE AG headquarters in Mühlheim/Ruhr from November 7 to 9. One key theme was the development of mobile apps with Java and JavaScript. The inclusion of the EASY Cloud Platform in particular represented one of the exciting topics, […]

Filling process gaps intelligently: EASY piloting a modular system

This is a familiar picture in many companies: quite a few business processes show process gaps. But what if it were possible to link varying systems and processes so that the process flow didn’t stall? What if existing systems could be supplemented by intelligent standard modules that provide optimum flow? EASY is working on that, […]

EASY Archive in the Cloud: How Haufe-Lexware customers benefit

Haufe-Lexware and EASY SOFTWARE are bundling their strengths. The first joint project of the two partners began in the middle of this year: the Lexware Cloud Archive for small businesses. It has enjoyed growing popularity in its target group since its launch and has shown constant growth. EASY SOFTWARE is a market leader when it […]

EASY Service Level Agreements? You’re guaranteed to benefit

Secured operating procedures are the foundation of successful work. We’re happy to help you with that. With EASY Service Level Agreements (SLA), you safeguard the handling of your support cases with response times that meet your needs. Our specialists will deal with your requests within the agreed-upon response times. We’re here for you – with […]

EASY and SugarCRM: A real process accelerator

Customer relationship management systems (CRM) support sales and marketing in numerous daily tasks. But besides the usual presentations of contact information and history as well as customer-related tasks, CRM systems often lack a connection to professional document management. EASY SOFTWARE and SugarCRM are now bridging this important gap. EASY SOFTWARE AG recently cooperated with SugarCRM […]

Purchase2Pay: EASY closes gaps in the SAP environment

Procurement processes tend to be rather complex for many businesses that use SAP. EASY PCM solutions reduce the level of complexity and support employees in becoming more mobile and working faster and more efficiently, while also creating more transparency. Depending on the installation, this is already possible without gap, from purchase requisition to invoice, as […]

EASY Cloud Platform

EASY Cloud Platform and device data – the beginning of a beautiful friendship

The Internet of Things has long become reality. In 1990, there were 300,000 desktop computers in existence – albeit generally with no Internet connection. Around the millennium, their number had grown to 300 million. Today, smartphones alone add up to a global “population” of far more than five billion.   Explosive growth It is not […]

Human Resources in SAP: Introducing HR 4.0

If you ask employees, very few will state that they are involved with personnel management or Human Resources. But ultimately, almost everybody in the professional world will come into contact with HR processes at some point. In spite of this, the level of digitization for these processes is still low in businesses that use SAP. […]

“Pain points are the driving force, strategies are the cure.”

At EASY WORLD 2017, the Innovation Lounge was introduced as a forum for the digital transformation of businesses. How does that even work? What needs to be considered? Why a digital agenda? Thomas Cziesla and Gottfried Oster of the EASY strategy consulting branch “beyond” discussed these questions, among others, with many visitors of Innovation Lounge. […]

EASY Cloud Platform: Doing what others cannot

The EASY Cloud Platform is new and, in many regards, unique in the market. It integrates existing infrastructures, anytime and anywhere, without being limited by them. It operates with an ease that lets you forget the complexity of background systems and codes. Introduced at EASY WORLD only recently, the EASY Cloud Platform has already caused […]

EASY Contract Comfort pays off: Do the math

With EASY Contract Comfort, we offer you a convenient, carefree complete contract management package. It allows you to considerably reduce the effort of creating a contract and leaves you more time for other tasks. Our software will verify and control deadlines and cash flows for you. And, as a user, you need not concern yourself […]

EASY for Dynamics NAV 9.2.: Successful Microsoft certification

More stability, enhanced performance and greater convenience – the 9th version of EASY for Dynamics NAV had a successful start in 2017. Many new features helped increase installation figures and elicited lots of positive feedback from partners and customers.   Microsoft’s requirements passed with flying Colors Every two years, EASY also applies for a Microsoft […]

Winfried Ott: A European champion at EASY

A real European champion at EASY: Winfried Ott from EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH is the new acting European model boat racing champion. This is no surprise, given the fact that numerous cups and trophies, including two world championships, are on display in the Bavarian native’s living room.   No pain, no gain Winfried Ott has […]

Easy World Cloud Platform

EASY WORLD 2017: A universe of customer solutions

Infinity as an eye-catcher… a countdown appeared on three screens at once in the Stadthalle Mülheim: 3-2-1-0 – and liftoff. The journey into the universe has begun. Planets drift by among the stardust. But one thing above all is clearly “visible”: infinite space. Boundless digitization – the concept reminds us of the unlimited depths of […]

EASY Cloud Platform

EASY Cloud Platform: Springboard into digitization

Digital transformation poses new challenges for many businesses, with growing competitive pressure from young, innovative and agile start-ups. At the same time, legacy IT structures often inhibit the further development of the application environment. EASY SOFTWARE presented a remedy for this dilemma at EASY WORLD: the EASY Cloud Platform. It integrates existing infrastructures with the […]

SAP Material Management

EASY PCM Material Management: Wonderful world of master data

EASY PCM Material Management is now available for you. This solution significantly simplifies the creation of new material master data.   Individual and intuitive The interface can be adapted smoothly and individually to the users’ business-specific requirements. For one thing, users can only see the fields that are actually needed. This is an advantage for […]

SAP Personel File

EASY PCM Personnel File for Success Factors: Bring together what belongs together

EASY PCM Personnel File for SuccessFactors is now available. Besides the digital personnel file for SAP HCM, we also offer a solution in the SuccessFactors environment. EASY PCM Personnel File for SuccessFactors simplifies your daily routine considerably. Our digital personnel file lets you bundle all relevant information and documents pertaining to an employee in one […]

SAP Reference Letter

EASY PCM Reference Letter for SuccessFactors

EASY PCM Reference Letter for SuccessFactors is now available. EASY PCM Reference Letter for SuccessFactors allows you to create legally secure reference letters – easier than ever before. The product provides you with ready-made, proven-in-practice text modules and workflows that will accelerate the process of creating reference letters enormously, effectively supporting your management team and […]

Mal Workshop

EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH: New office space officially dedicated

It is now official: Richard Luckow, Managing Director of EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH, and Willy Cremers, CEO of EASY SOFTWARE AG, have dedicated the Mülheim office space of the German national EASY subsidiary in a festive ceremony. Following the formal move in May, the Sales Operation and Consulting staff now celebrated the official opening of […]

EASY WORLD 2017: An eye on the future

“What does digitization mean for you?” is one of the key questions asked at EASY WORLD 2017, which started yesterday at noon in the Stadthalle Mülheim. Once again, EASY SOFTWARE AG’s top customer event provides plenty of practical, hands-on content this year. No wonder that around 400 visitors followed the invitation to discuss their expectations […]

European General Data Protection Regulation: What you need to know

Legal aspects are not always nice or exciting, but certainly helpful and necessary, especially when it comes to data protection. The European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) will become mandatory as of May, 2018. Just like the “old” German Federal Data Protection Act, it stipulates a right of access by the data subject (Art. 15 […]

EASY treats young students to a week of fascinating adventures in nature

For one week, primary school students from Mülheim, aged six to ten years, had great fun exploring nature with all their senses and receiving answers to all kinds of questions along the way. The Education Network and Eppinghofen district management hosted this thrilling vacation event with exciting excursions for fifteen children in all. A little […]

The cost of digitization in Germany: German states involved in financing

Basically, the German economy is well off. According to a current estimate by the auditing and consulting company KPMG, growth in 2016 was about 1.9% and thus a level not seen since 2011. The unemployment rate is steadily falling and the business climate index is continually increasing. German angst or farsightedness? Isn’t there an increase […]

Digitisation Beyond the Horizon: Bayern, BVB, and Schalke In Front – Leipzig Last

The fact that digitisation has made its way into professional sports is no secret – especially not in the world of professional football. Just think of hawk-eye goal line technology or famous (infamous?) packing metrics, which involve analysing the passing games of individual kickers and whole teams. But what’s the picture like when it comes […]

EASY Gets Involved: Mülheim primary school students discover nature

EASY is deepening its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Social and ecological action play a key role for our company. In one of many activities we’re taking part in this year, we’re sponsoring socially disadvantaged primary school students in Mülheim-Eppinghofen, a neighbourhood directly adjacent to our company headquarters. Introducing Kids to Nature During “Experiencing Nature […]

EASY Archive Smart certified

A distinguished product: the new EASY Archive Smart module has been successfully certified. As part of the validation, PFK Fasselt Schlage Partnerschaft mbB of Berlin, Germany, has checked all invoice-related and tax-related functions of the archive. The result: EASY Archive Smart is perfectly suited for revision-proof archiving of business-related information. With our solution, you’ll be […]

HR 4.0: What’s the future of HR like?

The terms „HR 4.0“ or „Future HR management“ have been circulating through the media for some time now – they are indicative of the fact that HR departments can change from simple „administrations“ to strategic partners for employees, executives, and managing directors. In the same context, terminology such as talent management, (social) recruiting, employer branding, […]

Team Master Data Management: The Variety of the Business World

Contact data is a key part of everyday business. But where does this data come from, and who ensures it stays correct over the years? After all, companies do undergo restructuring processes from time to time. Examples of these processes include name changes, mergers, or changes of location. This is where “Team master data management” […]

EASY Invoice 4.0 now available

EASY Invoice is the efficient solution for digital invoice processing. Our solution captures incoming invoices through a safe and transparent process, at the same time reliably extracting invoice information. Invoices then iterate through a verification and release workflow; EASY Invoice passes transaction data to the back-end ERP system, and archives invoices in a revision-proof manner. As […]

AIIM Certified Trainers: The Foresight We Need to Think Ahead

ECM is on everyone’s lips right now. There are many different definitions for the term. Everyone puts the focus at a slightly different point. It’s all about documents. No, it’s all about processes. No, no, the focus is on information. And what about collaboration?   Of AIIM and ECM According to the Association for Information […]

Corporate Social Responsibility at EASY – There are many good reasons…

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is also a topic at and for EASY. And an important one at that. Why? The easiest answer to this question – as the German proverbial saying goes – might be:  „Do good and talk about it.“ However, it’s not that easy, neither with EASY nor with most other organizations that […]

Corporate Social Responsibility: EASY goes Green IT

Green IT, i.e. sustained use of IT technology in processes, productivity, energy and resource efficiency covering the entire lifecycle of the technology used, is more than just a buzzword for EASY. This is supported by the cooperation between the EASY Group and AfB gemeinnützige GmbH (AfB Green IT) on recycling used IT hardware. AfB accepts […]

Cooperations for Your Success, Part 2: Predictive Maintenance Goes EASY PCM Process2Design

Everybody knows you’re always better on a team. We know it all too well from our cooperations with our partners. And that’s why we’ve also made partnerships in relation to product development, to combine a large number of skills and to be able to offer our partners and customers a broad range of outstanding products […]

Enventa ERP: Version 3.8 Opens Up New Options for EASY Customers

Good news for all EASY customers who use the ERP system Eventa by the manufacturer Nissen & Velten: The new version 3.8 of Eventa ERP offers users the option of switching over to EASY ARCHIVE by implementing the EBIS interface. This option is attractive to all customers who still use old  EASY archives and benefit […]

Cooperations for your success, Part 1: Predictive maintenance with Statworx and EASY

As we all know, working in a team makes everything better. We at EASY understand this all too well from our cooperations with our partners. And that’s why we’ve entered into partnerships for product development, so we can unite multiple areas of expertise and offer our partners and customers a broad range of outstanding products […]

New Release: EASY for Dynamics NAV 9.0 is here

You asked for it over and over again in your discussions with us – and now it’s here: EASY for Dynamics NAV 9.0. In the new version, EASY for Dynamics NAV supports all relevant Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions: 2009 2013 2013 R2 2015 (Windows Client, Web Client, Tablet Client) 2017 (Windows Client, other clients coming […]

EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH Is Here

Solution creation from a single source – starting on 1 January 2017, that’s what EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH will offer. With approx. 70 employees, the company is being started to handle the areas of direct sales and consulting. Richard Luckow, previous Head of Direct Sales at EASY SOFTWARE AG, and Thorsten Eska, Executive Board Member […]

The smart archive by EASY

We are proud to announce the availability of EASY Archive Smart. Starting now, you can purchase the newest and best version of the EASY archiving solution. EASY is providing a secure and powerful archive with EASY Archive Smart, a further development of the long-time proven standard EASY Archive. EASY Archive Smart is an archive like […]

PCM Contract Management Cloud Edition Premiers at EASY WORLD

EASY presented the PCM Contract Management Cloud Edition to attendees of EASY WORLD for the first time in September. The solution, based on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, went online just a few hours before in the SAP store.   Unavoidable Gaps … SAP users know: many SAP modules already include contractual content. What’s missing […]

Interview with EASY CEO Willy Cremers: “We offer our customers true added value”.

As part of EASY WORLD 2016, EASY SOFTWARE AG provided insight into our current and future solutions, ideas, and concepts. In the first part of our interview, Willy Cremers, EASY board spokesman, reported on EASY’s new self-understanding, the steps we took to get there, and added value for customers.   What relevant future trends do […]

EASY Archive Smart: The Next Level of Archiving

In our last newsletter, we invited you to the introduction of EASY Archive Smart at EASY WORLD, informing you of its December release date. We’ll start from there today, letting you know a bit more about EASY Archive Smart, the next level of archiving solutions from EASY.   Just as you would expect: reliable and […]

SAP Based Contract Management on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform

The Gartner model of bimodal IT, or “IT at two speeds” encompasses stable and agile IT elements, and is clearly a trend in the industry. This is why many SAP customers are already using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and why many other companies are reviewing its use and thinking over possible application scenarios. They […]

EASY for Exchange – Now Also Available in the Cloud

We published EASY for Exchange 1.7 on 9th September. The new release takes some key steps towards the future: Full cloud capabilities through the use of EASY for Exchange OWA 2013/2016 components. EASY for Exchange expands Microsoft Exchange by adding revision-proof e-mail archiving, relieving your Exchange infrastructure and providing a basis for wide-ranging automation of […]

Not Working? Better Work It: How to Make SAP Sexy

For decades, SAP GUI was the only interface available for working in SAP. In comparison to modern applications on smartphones and tablets, today SAP GUI has all the charm of a character-based operating system of the late ‘80s. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to keep SAP GUI around; even today, power users seem to really […]

Have What Nobody Else Does: EASY nextPCM Contract Management and Personnel File

ECM solutions that are fully integrated into SAP make work easier, and not just for SAP users: They also create transparency, ensure compliance and quality, and help lower costs. Just as in so many areas of life, the details make the difference between a good solution, and the best solution – this is clear when […]

EASY PCM: Strong Offer for EASY customers

Introducing automated processes in a SAP environment and making SAP more efficient and user-friendly can be a lengthy and complex task – but it does not have to be. Provided you choose the right implementation partner. EASY, with its nextPCM product suite, is such a partner with appropriate track record.   At Home in the […]

EASY locations: Central in Munich

In addition to its headquarters in Mülheim an der Ruhr, EASY SOFTWARE AG is represented with numerous other locations in Germany, including Munich. Recently, our Munich location close to the State Chancellery, English Garden and Isar River has a central address: Location Munich Triftstraße 5 80538 München Phone: +49 89 5589909 60 Fax: +49 89 […]

Document Archive for Salesforce: Stay on the Safe Side

More and more customers are using Salesforce™ as a CRM cloud service, or using the platform to implement additional services. Some companies have mapped almost all of their company coordination using Salesforce. This results in the creation of all kinds of documents, including ones which need to be stored in compliance with legal requirements and […]

New User Experience with SAP Fiori and nextPCM

Over the last few years, digital usage behaviours have undergone some fundamental changes. Growing mobility and easy to operate apps in the consumer market are increasingly having an effect on corporate applications as well. This means that more and more SAP users are complaining about old-fashioned SAP interfaces. So-called Generation Y, especially, has no patience […]

EASY PartnerPort 2.0: Making a Trusted Tool Even Better

Making a good thing better – that is the goal of the new PartnerPort 2.0 by EASY SOFTWARE AG. The background: At the end of 2015, many long-term EASY partners expressed that they had been very satisfied in the past with the performance of the “old” PartnerPort. Therefore, EASY management, led by CEO Willy Cremers, […]

DMS Providers: EASY is number 1

ChannelPartner reviewed a total of six DMS providers and their partner programmes along with insalcon. EASY SOFTWARE AG was among the group, and took first place in the recently published rankings. EASY impressed partners above all in product and sales training, and scored better in comparison with the other DMS providers all along the line. […]

SAP HCM Solutions in the Cloud: EASY SOFTWARE is an Innovative Partner

The SAP SuccessFactors Power Week took place at the end of April in Walldorf, a workshop focused on HR cloud solutions in SAP. EASY SOFTWARE AG took part in it as a certified SAP partner, thanks to our many years of experience in the HCM environment. Since more and more companies are trusting in the […]

EASY HR 3.0: The Solution for Efficient Personnel Management

Previous versions of personnel management solution EASY HR 3.0 were already successful – but in 2016, we feel that the topic of digitization has truly arrived in the HR department. Division heads and employees want solutions that address this change. Companies can benefit from more efficient personnel processes – especially now that EASY has significantly […]

EASY Contract 3.0: Manage Contracts Quickly, Efficiently, and Reliably

It’s how to handle modern contract management: the new 3.0 version of our successful, proven solution EASY Contract now allows companies to work even more quickly, efficiently, and reliably.   What is EASY Contract? EASY Contract is the modern, web-based system for central contract management and processing. Whether we’re working in purchasing, IT, or the […]

Smart Archiving with EASY

Thousands and thousands of installations have helped the EASY archive achieve its current position on the market. Many of those installations are focused on high research and reporting loads. More than 30 OEM partners also use the EASY archive in their own applications. The archive from EASY is one of the top applications of its […]

In good times and bad: Employment contracts in SAP HCM

The most important document in a worker’s professional life is their employment contract. It has to be signed before the working relationship can begin. It regulates the most important rights and duties in an employee’s job, as well all the issues that could become important in the course of the professional relationship. A good contract […]

Bringing together two worlds: EASY PCM

What is a business process, anyway? It’s a question you might ask yourself from time to time – especially when you need to combine the transaction-oriented world of SAP with the document-based world of an ECM. We believe a huge potential for added value is lurking in these connections. That’s probably why EASY garnered so […]

EASY Capture Plus 5: Capturing Documents is Easier than Ever Before

We’re proud to announce the release of EASY Capture Plus 5.0: powerful capturing processes for electronic and paper-based documents is a key technology in modern document management systems. EASY Capture Plus is the standard solution from EASY for capturing and extracting records and documents. No matter the source, the solution offers transparent document capturing from […]

EASY Know how included: New GoBD guidelines published

EASY SOFTWARE AG has worked alongside auditing firm Peters, Schönberger, and Partner and consulting company Zöller and Partner to publish new GoBD guidelines. The guidelines were created with the aid of long-time EASY service employee Wolfgang Heinrich. These guidelines offer a resource to companies working with the “Basic Principles on Orderly Bookkeeping and Accounting, Recording, […]

EASY for SharePoint 5.1 improves on SharePoint – on premise and online

EASY for SharePoint 5.1 improves on SharePoint – on Premise and online How can Microsoft SharePoint users benefit from using EASY? It’s a question EASY gets often, and since SharePoint 2007, we’ve had an answer: with our SharePoint expansion EASY for SharePoint. In Version 5.1 of the product, released just a few days ago, EASY […]

Release 1.1: EASY for Exchange is state-of-the-art technology

As EASY executive Willy Cremers announced earlier at EASY WORLD 2015, the new version of EASY for Exchange is now available as of February 1st, 2016. EASY for Exchange 1.1 is a major release representing a significant re-development of the 1.0 version from February 2014 and including more than 350 additional improvements and expansions.   […]

EASY Capture 5.0: more powerful than ever before

With over 3,000 installations on the market, EASY Capture has been highly successful, and is used anywhere from individual workstations to multi-national companies. With the new EASY ECM Suite release version 16.1, the solution will probably be available in March 2016. In comparison to its predecessor, EASY has finished quite a few tweaks to make […]

ECM paving the way for digitalization

From a technological standpoint, one of the biggest challenges in digitalization is in managing and using the growing flood of data. Big data is a term that’s on everyone’s lips, but concrete solutions for paperless, fully digital processes, and for managing and processing large amounts of data and documents, are usually pure ECM solutions. In […]

EASY HR 3.0: The right product at the right time

The Human Resources field is rapidly becoming digitalized, placing its own demands on ECMs. EASY recognized this early on, and developed a custom-tailored solution: EASY HR 3.0. Fred Klukas, HR Partner Consultant at EASY, presented this solution at EASY WORLD. Collecting, preparing, and making data available to the HR department digitally has been an option […]

New faces in the EASY marketing department

Now EASY SOFTWARE AG is even better equipped to handle direct sales, thanks to two new energetic employees. EASY is happy to welcome the following colleagues:   Florian Cordes – Key Account Manager As a Key Account Manager, Florian Cordes is your contact partner for anything related to digital filing solutions in northern and eastern […]

Sales: EASY in the Microsoft Business Sales Circle (MSBSC)

EASY SOFTWARE AG has nurtured a partnership with Microsoft for many years. Ten years ago, EASY’s partner founded the “Microsoft Business Sales Circle” (MSBSC). This is an advanced training program for sales representatives from Microsoft’s partner companies. Sascha Löwer and Stefan Wickenhäuser, from Partner Management, have been actively representing EASY for years as two of […]

Construction industry example: software has to be user-friendly

“SAP is not user-friendly. EASY adds value to the system.” When the head of IT at a successful construction group says something like this, or when he says: “Normally no one in the construction sector wants to use software, but everyone likes to work with EASY,” then it’s a major complement. It wasn’t the only […]

If you’re going to work overtime, do it right!

Today, we’d like to talk about something everyone does even though almost no one wants to: work overtime. Why? There’s almost no other country on earth where workers log as many overtime hours as they do in Germany. According to statistics portal Statista, we accrued around a billion unpaid overtime hours in 2014. And 608 […]

ECM-Systeme setzen jede Menge Produktivität frei. Gerade in KMUs.

Mountains of files: a different kind of “kilometer allowance.”

There are statistics about everything. But there’s no statistic to record how many kilometers of file folders fill the shelves of Germany with countless invoices, delivery slips, and reams of correspondence. One thing’s for sure: the number is high. Just preserving required documents can create significant costs for businesses.   Paper is patient – the […]

EASY ECM Suite: now even easier – even the price list.

Developing the EASY ECM Suite wasn’t just a technical challenge. We had a clear mandate when it came to marketing as well: we had to develop a new price list. A price list that reflected the simplicity of the EASY ECM Suite. Or, as Matthias Höfelmeyer, Partner Coach in Sales for EASY marketing, put it: […]

Reference Report Rossmann: Post invoices in just one day

The size and diverse branches of companies represent a challenge for the bookkeeping. The chain of chemists decided to use the solutions of EASY, to freed the bookkeeping from time-consuming Research. Read as PDF.

Fachkräfte bei der Arbeit.

EASY ECM Suite: Integration is the key to more simplicity

The new EASY ECM Suite has a clear goal: simplicity in all areas. It’s easier than ever for EASY ECM Suite users to record, classify, store, and transfer documents to their ERP system, and design, archive and research workflows. But EASY partners and their consultants benefit too: they can install, set up, expand and administer […]

Knapsack incident at HSV: This would not have happened with EASY, Mr. Knäbel!

Don’t mock the afflicted, as they would say. And Hamburger SV (HSV, or Hamburg sport club) is currently afflicted – and pretty much at that. First, it barely escaped its descent, to be followed by losing the league cup to Carl Zeiss Jena, an embarrassing show for HSV. Dino HSV – or: modern personnel management […]

GoBD: What does this mean for my company?

Since 2015, there have been new regulations governing the use of IT for bookkeeping and other business records. After numerous drafts, which were in part heavily criticised by trade associations, the new GoBD („Rules concerning the orderly management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and data access“) replace the previously applicable […]

EASY View: more efficient multireader

With EASY View, EASY SOFTWARE AG provides a tool for the high-performance and accurately portrayed representation of documents of various formats. The conversion of the formats with this product does not take place on the client but rather on a server. The advantage: the installation of additional software on the client is not required. Apart […]